Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pyramidikal Promo 2 ▲ New Episodes Coming Soon ▲

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Pyramidikal Promo 2 - New Episodes Coming Soon! Starring John Razimus & David Liebe Hart.

Flat Earth Proof Earth Is A Sphere Hoax Hunter With John Razimus

Flat Earth Proof Earth Is A Sphere Hoax Hunter With John Razimus
Flat Earther Flat Earthers

Friday, December 11, 2015

David Bowie Saw The Devil In 1976 - Occult Unmasked w/ John Razimus


In this episode of Occult Unmasked you will hear the strange story of when David Bowie saw the supernatural firsthand. He witnessed the devil rising from bubbles and smoke in
his swimming pool in 1976. His wife at the time, Angie Bowie
also witnessed some of these events. This encounter with the paranormal changed them forever.

This episode delves into the depths in great detail what transpired on the night David Bowie saw a demonic entity supernaturally appearing in his swimming pool.

A song written specifically concerning the event entitled, "When David Bowie Saw The Devil" is included.

The Documentary Short, "When David Bowie Saw The Devil" narrated, edited & special effets by John Razimus can also be seen in this episode, it illustrates the horrific scene which was likely Major Tom's darkest moment.

This episode also contains quotes from Angie Bowie's autobiography as well as quotes from David Bowie concerning Black Magic/Black Magick. Bowie admitted to practicing old fashioned magic. Not to mention doing so while high on hard drugs, this is an extremely dangerous combination, even Bowie admits such in a quote near the end of the episode.

Thanks for watching! --- John Razimus of Occult Unmasked, Hoax Hunter & Pyramidikal.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

David Bowie Blackstar Played Backwards Reversed ★★★★★ What Do You Hear? ★★★★★

David Bowie Blackstar Played Backwards Reversed
★★★★★ What Do You Hear? ★★★★★

Friday, November 27, 2015

David Bowie Blackstar Played Backwards Reversed Says Lucifer Delivered Evil in French

David Bowie's song "Blackstar" played backwards, reversed, discovery, analysis, translations and

interpretations by John Razimus of Occult Unmasked.

Starting from the end of the song. Which is the beginning when reversed.

FORWARD: At The Center Of It All ---- 8:34
BACKWARDS: Livré à Lucifer (Given Over to Lucifer) ---- 1:22

FORWARD: At The Center Of It All ---- 8:00
BACKWARDS: Livré à Lucifer (Given Over to Lucifer) Alternate interpretations; (Delivered By

Lucifer) (Delivered To Lucifer) ---- 1:56

FORWARD: In The Villa Of Ormen ---- 7:42
BACKWARDS: Du Et Mauvais Livré (Deliver Us From Evil) ---- 2:13

FORWARD: Imma Take You Home ---- 5:31
BACKWARDS: Holy Geist (Holy Ghost) ---- 4:25

FORWARD: At The Center Of It All ---- 2:56
BACKWARDS: Livré à Lucifer (Given Over to Lucifer) ---- 7:02

FORWARD: At The Center Of It All ---- 2:51
BACKWARDS: Livré à Lucifer (Given Over to Lucifer) ---- 7:05

FORWARD: At The Center Of It All ---- 1:16
BACKWARDS: Livré à Lucifer (Given Over to Lucifer) ---- 8:41

FORWARD: At The Center Of It All ---- 1:11
BACKWARDS: Livré à Lucifer (Given Over to Lucifer) ---- 8:45

FORWARD: On The Day Of Execution ---- 0:59
BACKWARDS: The Trick Is Ahead, You Know ---- 8:57

FORWARD: On The Day Of Execution ---- 0:55
BACKWARDS: The Trick Is Ahead, You Know ,,, Alternate interpretations; (The Trick Is Still Ahead, You Know) (The Trick Is In The Head, You Know) ---- 9:01

FORWARD: In The Villa Of Ormen ---- 0:18
BACKWARDS: Le Mauvais Livré (The Evil Delivered) ---- 9:38

FORWARD: In The Villa Of Ormen ---- 0:15
BACKWARDS: Le Mauvais Livré (The Evil Delivered) Alternate interpretations; (Evil Delivered) (Bad

Delivered) (Delivered From Bad) (Delivered From Evil) Delivered  by Bad) (Delivered  by Evil) ---- 9:42

If you have additional translations feel free to post them! When I receive the album in the mail and listen to it forward and backwards I will likely do a part 2. If you would like to mention my translations please give credit to either; John Razimus, @razimus on twitter, or

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Thanks to my 1,900 Subscribers! (Hoax Hunter, Pyramidikal, Occult Unmasked) w/ John Razimus

Thanks to my 1,900 Subscribers! (Hoax Hunter, Pyramidikal, Occult Unmasked) w/ John Razimus

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Skull And Bones & Paul Giamatti Pyramidikal with John Razimus & David Liebe Hart

In this episode number 67 (Played by John Razimus) is recruited (drugged) by the Illuminati to replace the previous number 67. Taken to Mars to perform his duties within the D&M Pyramid also known as Pyramidikal Mountain. Number 1 details the duties of 67; "Your mission is to learn the secrets of the universe, the mysteries of anything paranormal and supernatural". Number 1 goes on to spill the deepest secrets of the mystery school fraternity known as The Skull And Bones also known as The Order, or The Brotherhood of Death. David Liebe Hart makes an appearance and relates what he knows concerning the subject. Number 67's clone makes an appearance, Clone of 67, who focuses on the Skull of Geronimo, the prominent Apache leader of history, whose skull was stolen by the grave robbing members of The Skull And Bones. Paul Giamatti supposedly being a member of the Skull And Bones is also mentioned.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hoax Hunter Halloween Special w/ John Razimus & David Liebe Hart; Ghost Stories, Poltergeist, Demonic Possession, The Exorcist, Exorcism Live on Destination America & More!

Hoax Hunter Halloween Special w/ John Razimus & David Liebe Hart; Ghost Stories, Poltergeist, Demonic Possession, The Exorcist, Exorcism Live on Destination America & More!

In this episode John Razimus discusses his personal experiences with poltergeists. David Liebe Hart shares a ghost story from his childhood. John Razimus discusses asking The Exorcist star Linda Blair if she experienced any paranormal or supernatural events during the filming of the movie. Details on demonic possession, a review of the live feeds of Destination America's Exorcism Live! And more.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back to the Future & Pepsi Perfect - Hoax Hunter w/ John Razimus

Back to the Future Day October 21st 2015 is coming soon! I will be at Universal Studios Hollywood on that day whether or not there is an event. I'm sure lots of fans will be there that day. They are playing the movies in select theaters that day and Pepsi is selling Pepsi Perfect online that day, I will try to buy a bottle on my phone while near the Clock Tower! This is not a typical Hoax Hunter episode I will be making new episodes along side new Pyramidikal episodes! Check out my new channel
Thanks for watching!

Friday, August 14, 2015

September 2015, The Illuminati is going to release something upon the world... Pyramidikal

September 2015, The Illuminati is going to release something upon the world... Pyramidikal, a new Hoax Hunter-esque show, coming thus September! Subscribe Now:

Monday, July 27, 2015

1994 UFO Sighting Update: Not Flairs, My Guess Rare Military Drone Prototype Operation or Paranormal - Hoax Hunter

Art Bell's sighting is interesting, I've heard him mention it many times. I personally believe it was some type of stealth blimp, rarely used. There have been similar sightings to his I've heard about on various shows.

I've had about 3 worth-mentioning UFO sightings. I just made an animated re-creation of what I saw in 1994. It took 2 days to make this animation, I'm not an animator but I took the time to make it because I thought it was the only 'proof' I could provide. If I'm going to waste 2 days of my life for 132 views and a 'loss of credibility', it's the only way I can provide evidence. To this day I have no idea what I saw. And an 'update', I'm not 100% sure the thing at the very end is related to the other white lights, but I do know it came from the same direction. Someone suggested flairs, flairs don't intelligently fly their own independent directions upward and in a strategic grid like pattern. What I saw were 2 major orange UFOs that dropped 25 to 30, I estimate 27 smaller white UFOs  (One thing I remember is I attempted to count them but lost count, but did count enough to know they did not drop the same number)which then flew their own directions. One may have flown over me. The orange UFOs disappeared after dropping the 11 to 15 smaller white UFOs. This was in 1994, my best guess would be a military operation with some form of prototype drones, either that or totally paranormal. I do not believe it was E.T. or having anything to do with aliens.

--- J. Razimus with Hoax Hunter

Abductions - Not E.T. Related - Hoax Hunter

In my opinion, someone who has personally experienced an 'abduction-like phenomenon'. Abductions have nothing to do with Extraterrestrials. Assuming they are aliens is an assumption in the wrong direction. It's too bad the truth can't be mentioned without it being dismissed as a joke or crazy. I've had approximately 5 abduction-like experiences. I wouldn't consider myself unique. I simply remember 5 experiences. I would say everyone, 100% of the population have experienced an abduction-like phenomenon, but may not remember it. So it's not rare, what's rare is remembering it, but not that rare as the phenomenon has been documented in a good number of professional pieces of art for thousands of years. From first-hand-experience (of someone who remembers the experience) I have come to a conclusion, but there's a good chance the conclusion will be rejected by many. I just signed up to this forum, but just wanted to comment on the subject on the show I'm currently listening to. I've heard every angle on the subject, the scientific point of view, the reproducible laboratory experiments, the E.T./alien angle, the religious angle, etc etc.

They are not Extraterrestrials, that much I do know, of course it's a personal knowledge that can't be proven. Just would like to pass the info along. They are not aliens.

--- J. Razimus of Hoax Hunter

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chemtrails, Contrails & Cloudtrails - Hoax Hunter w/ J. Razimus

In this episode J. Razimus discusses his point of view concerning Chemtrails. Explains differences between Chemtrails, Contrails & Cloudtrails. Dismisses a lot of the conspiracy theories. Is open to true scientific data, and scientific experiments. Mentions Prince the musician believing Chemtrails can cause people to argue and change their personality or emotions for the worse. The first time J. Razimus heard the term "Chemtrail" was possibly when the term was first coined on a massive scale in the late 90s on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. It was around 1997 or 1998, a guest was on Art's show and mentioned the term "Chemtrails", It was the first time Art had heard the term and ever since that worldwide radio broadcast the term spread like wildfire. It's hard to not bump into a Chemtrail related video on youtube these days. Many different angles concerning Chemtrails are
discussed. Thanks for watching! --- J. Razimus with Hoax Hunter

Friday, July 24, 2015

Scrubbed From The Internet - Transister Illuminati Sacrifice Party Music Video - Hoax Hunter w/ J. Razimus

In this episode I discuss a song & music video I've been looking for actively for 15 years. I found it 2 years ago when it was posted here;
Unfortunately the full version was not posted. I believe the full version has been scrubbed from the internet & TV. Not necessarily for nefarious purposes but it is possible. I asked about it for 15 years on music foums. Contacting even people like Matt Pinfield with no response. Sub Pop Records said they'd ask around about it this was when I forgot the name of the band and the song. I can't remember how I was tipped off about it, possibly on twitter, but I finally found the name and shortly after someone posted the Carson Daly edit version of the video. MTV clearly did not like the ending of this video. I saw this video air 6 times in 1997, 3 times with the ending, 3 times with the ending censored and then never again. Thanks for watching more episodes coming soon. --- J. Razimus with Hoax Hunter

Thursday, July 23, 2015

1994 UFO Sighting - Santa Ynez California - J. Razimus w/ Hoax Hunter

In late 1994, September, October, November the song "Zombie" by The Cranberries was playing on the radio when witness "J. Razimus" witnessed a UFO appear out of nowhere as he watched out of the car window. The car was passing Lake Cachuma when the light appeared in the sky. The witness watched the light in the sky for the 15 minute trip home. At home the witness grabbed a pair of binoculars (didn't own a camera at the time and his parents may have owned a 35mm camera but it wouldn't have taken good photos). The witness ran to a barbed wire fence to get a better view of the object and continued to watch the light for an additional 15 to 20 minutes. This incident took place in Santa Ynez California, home town where the witness grew up.

If you have witnessed a similar sighting please comment or let me know about it, my email is

If you know where I can find the SIGHTINGS footage please let me know where I can get it! Thank you!

Kurt Cobain Investigation by John Razimus of Hoax Hunter

Please watch the video to see what it's about. It is about 20+ years of research from a lifelong Nirvana fan. Razimus discusses how he figured out Kurt's old email address was Kurt's ashes were stolen from Courtney Love's purse. The supposed divorce letter found in Kurt's wallet. Kurt's journal entries shedding light on his last few days and more. Thanks for watching! --- John Razimus

Friday, July 17, 2015

UFO Disclosure Petition & Official White House Response Hoax Hunter with John Razimus

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus discusses UFO Disclosure. Shares a 2009 video made archiving the UFO Disclosure petition on Change.Gov which was never answered. 2 years later in 2011 another UFO & ET Disclosure petition was created which did receive an official response from the White House. I personally agree 100% with the official White House response. I will be detailing the UFO subject in the next few Hoax Hunter episodes. Thank you for watching! --- John Razimus

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Andrew Basiago Is Not A Time Traveler - Hoax Hunter with John Razimus

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus discusses why Andrew Basiago is not a Project Pegasus time traveler, including his supposed photographic evidence. The 2009 film "The Invention of Lying" starring Ricky Gervais is mentioned in this episode in reference to Andrew Basiago and his believers. This video is a wake up call for those that do not have the ability to judge and discern. There are zero time travelers on the planet, yet there are many, many, many liars on the planet. This episode ends with two questions. What has the world gained from Andrew Basiago's story? And, What has Andrew Basiago gained from his story? The answer is as clear as the azure skies of deepest summer. Thank you for watching! --- John Razimus

Friday, July 3, 2015

Kurt Cobain Was Not Murdered (Proof) Hoax Hunter w/ John Razimus

Kurt Cobain Was Not Murdered (Proof) Hoax Hunter w/ John Razimus

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus presents evidence for Nirvana fans that are willing to accept the truth, more than enough proof showing Kurt Cobain was not murdered. This episode goes through a thorough analysis of the evidence including; the death scene, the 'divorce letter' and Kurt's published journals.

This episode was made to dispel the many rumors going around concerning Kurt's death. With the
latest Kurt Cobain focused documentaries 'Montage of Heck' and 'Soaked in Bleach' John Razimus felt this information should come out at this time, if anything to clear the air and separate fact
from fiction. While not everything can be known on the subject, the pieces we do have are more than enough to reveal the picture of the puzzle.

A great amount of information was cut out to keep this episode as on topic as possible. The only slightly off topic portions include John Razimus' background of being a life long Nirvana fan since 1991. Seeing a white credit card Visa or Mastercard on ebay in 1998 with "Courtney Love Cobain" on it which may or may not have been one of the credit cards stolen from Kurt's wallet. And Kurt's email address, which John Razimus pieced together over the years.

Watch the video to see all of the evidence presented in an orderly segmented fashion. There is a conclusion at the end, but all Nirvana fans are welcome to come to their own conclusion.

--- John Razimus

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Less Smoke Balls & More Fireworks Laws - Hoax Hunter with John Razimus

Less Smoke Balls & More Fireworks Laws - Hoax Hunter with John Razimus

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus compares last year's 2014 box of Smoke Balls from TNT Fireworks with this year's 2015 box of Smoke Balls from TNT Fireworks. Obama cracking down on new Fireworks Laws in the USA is also covered.

This is just a short episode I threw together in 1 hour. Future episodes have been in the works for weeks, and some for months. Many new episodes coming soon. I do not upload videos on a specific day, so check back for random videos uploaded in the middle of the night. Thanks for watching! --- John Razimus

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mars One - Thoughts On A Manned Mission To Mars (Mars Base) - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus shares some thoughts on the Mars One project and a manned mission to the red planet. Hoping for the best it would be great if Mars One was successful. A Mars base is discussed as well as a Moon base. Thanks for watching! --- John Razimus

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Michael Horn The Garbage Can Lid Mousepad Zazzle King (Billy Meier UFO Case) - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus gives an update on his connection with the Billy Meier UFO case. The official spokesman for Billy Meier uses twitter to vent his frustration at Razimus. Billy Meier's wedding cake flying saucer was clearly proven many times to have a base constructed of a garbage can lid. Razimus surfs the official Billy Meier/Michael Horn website and comes across more garbage can lid mousepads in the history of Zazzle. Michael Horn is crowned with the official title and shall now be henceforth known as The Garbage Can Lid Mousepad Zazzle King!

John Razimus is Ready to Debate Michael Horn on the Billy Meier UFO Case - Hoax Hunter

Michael Horn, the official spokesman for Billy Meier challenged John Razimus of Hoax Hunter to a debate on the Billy Meier UFO Case. Will he back down like a chicken? We will see.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mike Super & Desmond Tulpa, Egregore, Demon Spirit or Magic Trick? - Hoax Hunter

Mike Super & Desmond Tulpa, Egregore, Demon Spirit or Magic Trick? - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus examined the magic of Mike Super, he claims he is not a magician and claims he does not perform magic, but with the help a supernatural spirit named Desmond performs his magical feats. This could simply be a way to hype his performance, but Mike Super responded to John Razimus' half-joking question concerning a demonic contract. Mike Super responded and claimed Desmond was indeed a Tulpa spirit but claimed he was not demonic. Are his tricks simply illusions or are they supernatural? Is Desmond a Tulpa, Egregore, Demon Spirit or simply magic trick? You decide! Thanks for watching! --- John Razimus

Mike Super's official youtube:
Mike Super's video where he responded to Hoax Hunter:

Mo Pai Nei Kung Master, John Chang AKA Dynamo Jack, Chi Power, Telekinesis, Demon Poltergeist or Hoax? - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus discusses John Chang, a Mo Pai Nei Kung master who uses an energy he describes as Chi, specifically Yin Chi to do miraculous things. From pyrokinesis to be telekinesis. A parallel between the Charlie Charlie game and an ancient Indonesian 'game' involving spirits moving a dagger 'kryss' while balanced on it's sheath is also discussed. Former student Jim McMillan reveals his side of the story, what he believes is happening. John Razimus reveals his opinions on the subject as well. It is up to the viewer to decide, thanks for watching!
--- John Razimus

Friday, June 12, 2015

Billy Meier Time Travel Dinosaur Photo & Interview with Michael Horn - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus mentions how he broke the story on November 18th 2004 on his old Time Travel news website 'Space Time News' matching the obscure dinosaur painting from the book "Life Before Man" with the photo of a Pteranodon Billy Meier claims he took out the window of a UFO flying saucer beamship while it took him on a trip into Earth's past. This episode also shows an excerpt of an interview via email between John Razimus & Michael Horn, Billy Meier's official spokesman. Thanks for watching! --- John Razimus

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Magic Castle Invitation & Dream Prophecy? Hoax Hunter

The Magic Castle Invitation & Dream Prophecy? Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus explores The Magic Castle related stories. How he was invited to The Magic Castle in Hollywood. A magic prophetic dream which ended with The Magic Castle. Myths surrounding The Magic Castle. A bogus story told by Starfire Tor concerning The Magic Castle & Time Travel. Possible ghost stories & actual magic take part in this episode. Thank you for watching. --- John Razimus

Monday, June 8, 2015

Tim And Eric Hollywood Illuminati Devil Worshipers? - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus discuses a first hand story he heard from his friend David Liebe Hart concerning the time when David Liebe Hart told Razimus that Tim & Eric were devil worshipers, members of a secret Hollywood Illuminati, and had a secret society Pink Card. If you know about any secret society that has a pink card please let Razimus know, tweet him @Razimus or email him @ razimus at gmail dot com.

David Liebe Hart is very appreciative of the work Tim and Eric gave him, and the details of the story are too elaborate, which is why I don't think David Liebe Hart would have made this story up. A logical conclusion is Tim & Eric were pranking David, which is very possible, but who knows. I wouldn't be surprised if T&E were Anton LaVey Hollywood Satanists. Feel free to post your opinions on the subject. Due to popular demand future Hollywood Illuminati, and non-Hollywood Illuminati videos are coming in the future, thanks for watching!

--- John Razimus

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Charlie Charlie Challenge Does It Work? (Pencil Game) Hoax Hunter with John Razimus

The Charlie Charlie Challenge is the newest trend this summer among teens. It's no different than a Ouija board, well, some have said it's much weaker than a Ouija board, but I'd say it's no more or less dangerous. As a matter of fact, it's probably easier for a spirit to contact you using the balancing pencils Charlie Charlie Challenge. In this episode I take the challenge, because I have no fear when it comes to poltergeists. I have personally witnessed a poltergeist knock my stuff over on a number of occasions, but that is a subject for my other show The Occult Unmasked. Hoax Hunter is about researching a subject and seeing if it is likely a hoax or not. While it's impossible to make a blanked statement for all cases this episode is a document of my findings when I took the Charlie Charlie Challenge. --- John Razimus


Saturday, May 23, 2015

John Titor Confession? No Time Machine Box = Not JT (C204) - Hoax Hunter

A desperate dude named Joseph Matheny claims on his linkedin profile and blog website that he's the "artist" behind the John Titor story. Yet magically provides zero proof backing up this claim. The dude is an artist alright, but closer to a con-artist. He's a bandwagon fan who probably heard about JT a few years ago and decided to take credit for John Titor and every modern hoax that none have come forward to take credit for. It's a nice scam but I doubt it'll make his resume look any better. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The White Room - Illuminatiam - Illuminatus - Illuminati - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus discusses the 33 bogus tenants of the hoax book known as "Illuminatiam" which was heavily inspired by an adult sci-fi book trilogy first published in 1975 known as the "Illuminatus! Trilogy", which was inspired by the mock religion known as Discordianism which came about with the 1965 publication of Principia Discordia. The Illuminatiam book heavily borrowed (ripped off) the concept of The White Room from the Illuminatus! Trilogy without understanding what they were ripping off. The White Room is discussed in this episode, in addition to the 33 tenants of the Illuminatiam and the eye on the back of the dollar bill is vaguely mentioned but that topic deserves it's own episode and will be mentioned in a future episode. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Millionth Council Part 2 (Bermuda Triangle) Mysterious Phone Call - Hoax Hunter

This episode is a continuation, Part 2 of The Millionth Council. It took a few weeks to track down the impossible to find movie/documentary "Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle" but it was finally found. In this episode I show for the first time ever, on youtube, a Hoax Hunter exclusive of the Millionth Council segment of this movie which includes the unedited beginning of the call. Was it a hoax? We may never know. According to the stress test expert the caller felt stress when mentioning the Bermuda Triangle, but it's possible this caller could have personally known someone who disappeared on a plane or boat at some point in the past which is not uncommon. The area is known for many missing planes and boats percentage wise as is famously known. Thank you for watching! --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Part 1 of The Millionth Council can be seen here:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Foo Fighters of WWII (UFOs) - Nazi Germany Technology - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus goes through old WW2 newspaper articles, official and unofficial statements on the UFO Foo Fighters that many allied pilots witnessed while flying over Germany & France. The Nazis did use a tin foil type 'weapon' to disrupt communications between the Allies, did they manage to upgrade this antique device with a sophisticated "crystal ball"? Thanks for watching! --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Thanks to James aka brickproduction1815 for sending me a Foo Fighter link!

Foo Fighter Links:

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Illuminatiam Hoax - Illuminati Internet Meme & Urban Legend - Hoax Hunter

In this episode I discuss the newest Illuminati hoax out there, a tiny tiny double spaced book with gigantic font. It's called The "Illuminatiam", it's a "new religion" according to the author which is the main reason I'm against it. It's clearly a hoax, scam, cash grab from the latest Illuminati internet meme & Urban Legend, but to call it a religion is pathetic. There are already many Illuminati-wannabes out there, this wannabe-religion is perfect for them, it's shallow, hollow, and there's nothing there. The book promises the readers if they promote the book on twitter, facebook and give the book 5 stars on amazon they will be rewarded somehow, in some way, in the future, by the illuminati, it doesn't get any faker than that, if the pyramid on the cover represents anything it represents the pyramid scheme that the 'illuminatiam' is. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Millionth Council (The Bermuda Triangle) Mysterious Creepy Phone Call - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus discusses the mysterious spooky phone call from April 13th 1975 on radio station WFTL, Ray Smithers Bermuda Triangle researcher and radio DJ was in the middle of a Bermuda Triangle themed show. Hundreds of phone calls were coming in when all of a sudden all of the phone calls were cut off. Five cut off phone calls later the sixth caller began to make a statement mentioning the "aura" of Earth being the Bermuda Triangle, he claimed it was a sort of communication window used by The Millionth Council. Watch the video above to hear the actual audio clip of the call.

The first time I heard the mysterious call was in the early 90s, I even made a drawing inspired by it. The drawing was probably made around 1993, I did not date it but I clearly wrote out "Dimension Traveler of the 'Millionth Council'.

I will try to find the original copy of the call, which supposedly has a few more details to it, the best version available on the net is the In Search Of hosted by Leonard Nimoy version from the Bermuda Triangle episode. The first time the call was ever aired on a massive scale (Before In Search Of) was in a movie called "Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle" (1978) and (1977) Starring Peter Thompkins.

Here is the IMDB link to the movie;
This movie also known as a documentary is very rare and very hard to find other than the European VHS PAL version which would be difficult to convert into a DVD. If anyone already has a good copy of this movie or knows where I can find it please let me know! --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Invisible Soldier Iraq w/ Invisibility Uniform & Transparent Taiwan Alien - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus investigates the "Invisible" Soldier in Iraq wearing an "Invisibility Uniform" & the Transparent Extraterrestrial "Praying Mantis" Alien photographed in Taiwan. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

The Mars Curiosity Rover - Hoax Hunter - Bugs on Mars,True Color,Mud Tracks,Femur Bone,Selfie

In this episode I discuss The Mars Curiosity Rover. Photos Curiosity has taken, examine "Flying Insects" on Mars. The True Color of Mars. Liquid Water Mud Tracks on Mars left by Curiosity. And the infamous Femur Bone. In addition I explain how the Curiosity Rover was able to take a Selfie (This question was actually raised on youtube so I decided to answer it).

I'm a big fan of Mars and this will not be my last Mars episode. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Public Domain NASA images courtesy JPL:

John Titor 2013 News Update - Hoax Hunter (Private Video Un-Privatized) Re-Post

The John Titor 2013 Update video I made answers a lot of questions. I privatized it for multiple reasons but I believe all Titor followers should see this video. Thanks for watching. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

The Montauk Project - Hoax Hunter - Extended Version

I've been researching The Montauk Project for 17+ years. Communicated with Preston B. Nichols a few times & Peter Moon. Thoroughly researched Camp Hero AKA Montauk Air Force Base. In this episode I interview the last Commander of Montauk AFB and a Sgt. of Montauk AFB as well. In the later half of the video I illustrate a few of the Sci-Fi movies Preston B. Nichols likely gained inspiration from for The Montauk Project.

The Philadelphia Experiment Is so interconnected with The Montauk Project I will re-post this video below, these two videos really need to be watched back-to-back for anyone seeking the truth on these two subjects. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

The Hutchison Effect - Interview with John K. Hutchison - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter considers the possibility of The Hutchison Effect & Interviews creator of The Hutchison Effect John K. Hutchison via email.

John K. Hutchison's official youtube channel:

LIFE RAY is a nonprofit organization developing the technology of John Hutchison for elimination of radioactive contamination

John K. Hutchison' twitter:

Welcome to Hoax Hunter

Hoax Hunter Promo Video for the front page of

--- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Bigfoot is Not Real - Hoax Hunter Unscripted

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus talks about Big Foot and why he doesn't exist. If he did exist he isn't physical and can't possibly be physical due to a lack of physical evidence.

Despite the fact that these Killing Bigfoot guys have been trying to kill Big Foot their whole life, there still has yet to be a single body or bone of the Big Foot found.

They have a good premise for a show though, as it'll go on forever and ever if it gets good ratings, because it's impossible to catch something that doesn't exist or isn't physical.

I haven't seen a more die hard belief than the Big Foot believer commenters on youtube. If you say Big Foot doesn't exist they'll swear up and down they know someone who saw one.

Every photo I've seen of Big Foot since the Patterson footage has been nothing more than a human in a bear/gorilla costume behind a bush or tree.

In this episode I also show the bear that injured it's front two paws and walks upright in New Jersey. This could easily be mistaken for a Big Foot.

--- Hoax Hunter Razimus