Monday, July 27, 2015

Abductions - Not E.T. Related - Hoax Hunter

In my opinion, someone who has personally experienced an 'abduction-like phenomenon'. Abductions have nothing to do with Extraterrestrials. Assuming they are aliens is an assumption in the wrong direction. It's too bad the truth can't be mentioned without it being dismissed as a joke or crazy. I've had approximately 5 abduction-like experiences. I wouldn't consider myself unique. I simply remember 5 experiences. I would say everyone, 100% of the population have experienced an abduction-like phenomenon, but may not remember it. So it's not rare, what's rare is remembering it, but not that rare as the phenomenon has been documented in a good number of professional pieces of art for thousands of years. From first-hand-experience (of someone who remembers the experience) I have come to a conclusion, but there's a good chance the conclusion will be rejected by many. I just signed up to this forum, but just wanted to comment on the subject on the show I'm currently listening to. I've heard every angle on the subject, the scientific point of view, the reproducible laboratory experiments, the E.T./alien angle, the religious angle, etc etc.

They are not Extraterrestrials, that much I do know, of course it's a personal knowledge that can't be proven. Just would like to pass the info along. They are not aliens.

--- J. Razimus of Hoax Hunter

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