Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Foo Fighters of WWII (UFOs) - Nazi Germany Technology - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus goes through old WW2 newspaper articles, official and unofficial statements on the UFO Foo Fighters that many allied pilots witnessed while flying over Germany & France. The Nazis did use a tin foil type 'weapon' to disrupt communications between the Allies, did they manage to upgrade this antique device with a sophisticated "crystal ball"? Thanks for watching! --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Thanks to James aka brickproduction1815 for sending me a Foo Fighter link!

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Illuminatiam Hoax - Illuminati Internet Meme & Urban Legend - Hoax Hunter

In this episode I discuss the newest Illuminati hoax out there, a tiny tiny double spaced book with gigantic font. It's called The "Illuminatiam", it's a "new religion" according to the author which is the main reason I'm against it. It's clearly a hoax, scam, cash grab from the latest Illuminati internet meme & Urban Legend, but to call it a religion is pathetic. There are already many Illuminati-wannabes out there, this wannabe-religion is perfect for them, it's shallow, hollow, and there's nothing there. The book promises the readers if they promote the book on twitter, facebook and give the book 5 stars on amazon they will be rewarded somehow, in some way, in the future, by the illuminati, it doesn't get any faker than that, if the pyramid on the cover represents anything it represents the pyramid scheme that the 'illuminatiam' is. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Millionth Council (The Bermuda Triangle) Mysterious Creepy Phone Call - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus discusses the mysterious spooky phone call from April 13th 1975 on radio station WFTL, Ray Smithers Bermuda Triangle researcher and radio DJ was in the middle of a Bermuda Triangle themed show. Hundreds of phone calls were coming in when all of a sudden all of the phone calls were cut off. Five cut off phone calls later the sixth caller began to make a statement mentioning the "aura" of Earth being the Bermuda Triangle, he claimed it was a sort of communication window used by The Millionth Council. Watch the video above to hear the actual audio clip of the call.

The first time I heard the mysterious call was in the early 90s, I even made a drawing inspired by it. The drawing was probably made around 1993, I did not date it but I clearly wrote out "Dimension Traveler of the 'Millionth Council'.

I will try to find the original copy of the call, which supposedly has a few more details to it, the best version available on the net is the In Search Of hosted by Leonard Nimoy version from the Bermuda Triangle episode. The first time the call was ever aired on a massive scale (Before In Search Of) was in a movie called "Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle" (1978) and (1977) Starring Peter Thompkins.

Here is the IMDB link to the movie;
This movie also known as a documentary is very rare and very hard to find other than the European VHS PAL version which would be difficult to convert into a DVD. If anyone already has a good copy of this movie or knows where I can find it please let me know! --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Invisible Soldier Iraq w/ Invisibility Uniform & Transparent Taiwan Alien - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus investigates the "Invisible" Soldier in Iraq wearing an "Invisibility Uniform" & the Transparent Extraterrestrial "Praying Mantis" Alien photographed in Taiwan. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

The Mars Curiosity Rover - Hoax Hunter - Bugs on Mars,True Color,Mud Tracks,Femur Bone,Selfie

In this episode I discuss The Mars Curiosity Rover. Photos Curiosity has taken, examine "Flying Insects" on Mars. The True Color of Mars. Liquid Water Mud Tracks on Mars left by Curiosity. And the infamous Femur Bone. In addition I explain how the Curiosity Rover was able to take a Selfie (This question was actually raised on youtube so I decided to answer it).

I'm a big fan of Mars and this will not be my last Mars episode. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Public Domain NASA images courtesy JPL:

John Titor 2013 News Update - Hoax Hunter (Private Video Un-Privatized) Re-Post

The John Titor 2013 Update video I made answers a lot of questions. I privatized it for multiple reasons but I believe all Titor followers should see this video. Thanks for watching. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

The Montauk Project - Hoax Hunter - Extended Version

I've been researching The Montauk Project for 17+ years. Communicated with Preston B. Nichols a few times & Peter Moon. Thoroughly researched Camp Hero AKA Montauk Air Force Base. In this episode I interview the last Commander of Montauk AFB and a Sgt. of Montauk AFB as well. In the later half of the video I illustrate a few of the Sci-Fi movies Preston B. Nichols likely gained inspiration from for The Montauk Project.

The Philadelphia Experiment Is so interconnected with The Montauk Project I will re-post this video below, these two videos really need to be watched back-to-back for anyone seeking the truth on these two subjects. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

The Hutchison Effect - Interview with John K. Hutchison - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter considers the possibility of The Hutchison Effect & Interviews creator of The Hutchison Effect John K. Hutchison via email.

John K. Hutchison's official youtube channel:

LIFE RAY is a nonprofit organization developing the technology of John Hutchison for elimination of radioactive contamination

John K. Hutchison' twitter:

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--- Hoax Hunter Razimus

Bigfoot is Not Real - Hoax Hunter Unscripted

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus talks about Big Foot and why he doesn't exist. If he did exist he isn't physical and can't possibly be physical due to a lack of physical evidence.

Despite the fact that these Killing Bigfoot guys have been trying to kill Big Foot their whole life, there still has yet to be a single body or bone of the Big Foot found.

They have a good premise for a show though, as it'll go on forever and ever if it gets good ratings, because it's impossible to catch something that doesn't exist or isn't physical.

I haven't seen a more die hard belief than the Big Foot believer commenters on youtube. If you say Big Foot doesn't exist they'll swear up and down they know someone who saw one.

Every photo I've seen of Big Foot since the Patterson footage has been nothing more than a human in a bear/gorilla costume behind a bush or tree.

In this episode I also show the bear that injured it's front two paws and walks upright in New Jersey. This could easily be mistaken for a Big Foot.

--- Hoax Hunter Razimus