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John Titor Identity Revealed - Hoaxhunter

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The evidence is a P.O. box connected with "John Titor". In my opinion this is the best black and white evidence behind the identity of John Titor.

This url is my evidence behind the true identity of John Titor. Click it, view it, bookmark it, take a screenshot of it, save it (it may change or disappear at any time).


He has been connected with John Titor in the past, in this video:


This video is in Italian but I have the translation, I will upload the translated version in the future.

Until now no concrete connection has been made with John Rick Haber and John Titor except being the brother of Larry Haber the lawyer for The John Titor Foundation, and except for wanting to be on the Voyager John Titor televison show so badly that he flew in to Florida to be there by his brother Larry Haber while they interviewed him, But thanks to my newly uncovered evidence, THE URL:

Black and white concrete evidence exists, which clearly connects John Rick Haber with John Titor. Voyager's private investigator Mike Lynch said he believed Rick Haber was probably John Titor but he didn't have enough evidence to prove this. Is John Rick Haber John Titor? Has my newly uncovered evidence proven the identity of John Titor? I only ask that you judge for yourself, as for myself my opinion is that John Rick Haber is John Titor, I consider myself an investigator and professional investigator Mike Lynch and I have come to the same conclusion.

One negative response already, for those that don't know new evidence when they see it, you probably wouldn't believe my evidence if I filmed the c204 in Haber's basement. The P.O. Box with the 'John Titor' company is newly uncovered evidence, it is new, you will not find it having been posted in forums previous to this day because it never was, I regularly visit the time travel forums and it has never been mentioned, ever, please look at the URL and judge for yourself, if you consider my evidence for a long enough ammount of time, along with what was uncovered by Voyager's Mike Lynch, you are likely to see the truth.

To the die hard Titor fans, probably nothing will convince them even if Haber admitted to being Titor. To those disappointed in my findings, I suppose I wish I found a more interesting name? I could have pulled a name out of thin air but all the evidence points at one person and I will always focus on the unbiased truth wherever the evidence leads me.

Thanks to all those that e-mailed me tips, help and other information, I will currently keep you anonymous due to those that might want to target you.

The deserved karma upon all, may all sinister hoaxes be thwarted.

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--- John Razimus Hughston on 2:35 AM March Friday the 13th 2009.



"I can't believe it. You actually did find the evidence! Thank you Raz. Thank you for finding this. I have wondered about it for SSSOOOOO long. I actually prayed that God would show me the truth and reveal who he was. I NEEDED to know so much and he obviously wasn't talking."

--- Pamela (John Titor contactee).

That alone makes it worth it for me, I'm glad the response has been mostly positive. I will take a break before my next hoaxhunter episode, but Pamela answered so many questions I will be making one last Titor episode to wrap up the things I couldn't fit into the last 10 minute video, the 10 minute limit at youtube is annoying. Here's another comment...


"This is all very interesting... The best debunking I have seen yet. I think it's about time someone comes forward on this one. Hell... if I did it I would be proud as hell..."

--- bristolsdjcubed


  1. C'mon...what a waste of my time. You said nothing that was not already said on forums ages ago. All these arguments have already been covered. It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that The Titor story was an elaborate lie. There are more holes in it than swiss cheese. However..its also obvious you have not followed the John Titor story very closely. Titor very clearly explains "diverging time Lines" thus the reason we did not get a Pandemic of bird flu nor a civil war etc etc. its just a clever way to cover your bases when nothing you say comes true.
    Seriously...I thought you would have something clever and compelling to talk about.
    What a waste of time.

  2. found this:

  3. Didn't take long for Pamela the attention whore to appear. Her story used to be she received evidence which convinced her JT was real. Now I see her story has changed. Has anyone verified that Pam was ever contacted by JT ? Anyone ? Bueller ? Bueller ?

  4. Hey how about making some videos about debunking John Hutchinson horsecrap? I think would be very interesting a video from you about t

    Keep it up.

  5. I think the link has been taken down.

  6. I am highly disappointed in this video. Nothing new has actually been added. In point of fact, the John Titor Foundation has already been proven to be a fraud and not associated with the original John Titor in any way. They very famously failed the 'secret song' test that Titor himself set up with Pamela.

    Please, come back with real, scientifically proven empirical evidence or quit wasting our time.

    1. So you mean that the foundation is different from the real guy who posted on the forums?

  7. Didnt John Titor say we have parrelell universes or what not,maybe it happened in that universe and JT just didnt know.

  8. John Titor is a fraud. Nothing he said ever happened. What other credibility do you hold him by if nothing he says actually applies? You're just bringing in some sick twisted faith that he's real because you WANT him to be real. It's so typical...these conspiracy theorists have to have a conspiracy in everything. Go back to aliens or 9/11...this time travel shit is so far fetched and ridiculous that it's fucking annoying.

  9. i knew Mr.Titor from a deal he made for my 4-wheel drive he bought from me i thought he was a spy with that equipment he loaded into that truck that day he had me help him with a couple of thing he needed i don't think that equipment was dated material of the future it was older like ww2 stuff not 2036 equipment and how did a time traveler have internet and resourses like he did i mean did he rent a room or something while staying here, buy internet service?

  10. @kkett12001

    So your saying you knew this guy? How did you make the deal? Where did he find you from?

  11. I think your understanding of science is off...Consider this:

    I think you've missed the abstract part of time regarding your debunking of Mr. Titor. If you give me a few days, I can explain that he is in fact very correct about everything he's said. And, to confuse matters worse, his "calendar" and account of time in his reality, is off to ours by about 5-12 years. Time, calendars and symbolic things like numbers are arbitrary. They are meaningless without proper context :) First clue: Look at the maps of Iran, Afghanistan and Russia. You'll note the Osama bin Laden was in fact trained to thwart Russian invasion. This happened successfully in both of noted by John Titor with his quote, "Only one skyscraper stands" he was referring to his NYC. I propose that this may have triggered in his timeline this divergence into Iran and Afghanistan either being absolved into Russia or beginning to see the rise in the future of the Stuxnet virus proliferation into Iran's (Russia in his timeline) and it's eventual destruction. Time=arbitrary, and very misaligned. Hence, String Theory, what he's referring to is Brian Greene's interpretation (and Einstein's heh) of relativity; and his Grandfather's paradox doesn't exist, he's correct on that too. It isn't our multiverse theory, it's our string theory he's describing, again arbitrary. Just words used to describe an abstract concept, like calendar dates, country names and borders ;O) Get back to me if you choose to understand more.

    Time travel, been there done that. And so have you, if you've made any movement within the last 5.39 x 10–44 amount of Planck time :P

    "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match
    the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but
    get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy.
    This is physics."
    -Albert Einstein

    My email to HoaxHunter :) Peace y'all!

  12. "Life is much more rural in the future but "high" technology is used to communicate and travel. People raise a great deal of their own food and do more "farm" work. Yes, compared to now, we do work long hours. After the war, my father made a living selling oranges up and down the West coast of Florida. My closest friend raises horses and another works for a company that maintains "wireless" Internet nodes."

    The internet nodes he's referring to and this technology was developed around circa 2005..

    Technicalities and research regarding applications & use:

    Again, don't get hung up language used to describe certain abstract ideas. I would imagine that perhaps his use of words (meanings) may have been altered in his timeline post-war. Not math &/or language. This is more to be taken figurative than literal. And if he was military he may have been muzzled on to how much he could elaborate on. Again, if you want math or number comparisons his account to our timeline is off by about 5-12 years. "A rose by any other name..."

    Fanatics=Skeptics, religious fundamentalist (who distort said message) the Nazis, and most Scientists, i.e.., Richard Dawkins as noted by Mr. Higgs of the Higgs-Boson Particle, aka the "God Particle".

    Also to note: John Titor subtly addresses even this religious flaw by explaining that they now celebrate "church" on Saturday and adhere to literal 10 Commandments interpretation, similar to Zionism or better akin to our Judaism, Conservative Judaism+. His worlds' almost orthodox interpretation and adherence. Maybe he's like describing a new world where Kibbutz's have taken over LMAO! Like the bible, don't be so literal. Plus this is reporting from the year (*his timeline) of 2036. The technology if according to his timeline wouldn't be -that- fantastical yet, it's not that far in the future...;)

    Ps. Are you the Razimus who talks about Bipolar disorder? Expect us. >;{> Kidding! *hint

  13. You're all fucking nuts

  14. And by the way....It's me...Johnny.

  15. There are adherents, fanatics, believers in every religion, alien, UFO, conspiracy theory, multiple universes, quantum physics, etc, and ALL have forums where one can express their thoughts and feelings. Ain't the world wide web grand?

  16. You are funny as fuck... You're right because you're right? You use machio kaku to "back yourself up", unless he has a kerr black hole, how does he know(for a fact) if it can power a time machine or not? A lot of things in this world are mysterious, and I can show a multitude of videos where machio kaku says time travel is more than possible. I'm not going to sit here and say John Titor is real. I don't know if he is who he says he is or not, I'm not him. I take the same stance when thinking about religion. Unless actual proof is put in front of me, I'm not going to believe in either way. He could be fake but he could also be real. How modern science depicts time travel is not too far from what Titor explains, we live on "world lines" and there are nearly infinite "universes" as most people call our entirety. However because of these "lines" and possibilities things may happen at different times or not at all. You can easily recite the predictions that he got wrong.. but some things you may have not noticed are with the Civil War for example. A war unless it's outright is a matter of perspective, the iraq war might not have been a war for some but is for others. You're almost like using the God defence, he's a fake because I want him to be a fake and I say he is a fake. "I have no ACTUAL proof he's fake but he looks like a duck so he must be a duck." Your logic astonishes me actually, how you can disbelieve so much without proof in either direction. You're probably intensely religious(Footwasher) with your lack of open mindedness.

  17. Hello my name is Mark I found your information incorrect if you would like to learn the truth email me at I have lots of information about JT that would be useful to you.


  19. Actually,, Time Travel dont care about internet,
    they care about the environment and discover how to become immortal.

    Time traveller is just a traveller, not an immortal.

    they age still running while travelling,

    john titor if you are real, email me
    you can find out my email if you are genius,
    you can even find my place where do i live right now.

    if you are real and cant find my place, you can simple contact me,
    and lets discuss something.

  20. Isn't it possible that hes perfectly real, but his presence caused a new timeline or "world line" in which the things in his history, or many of them, that he "predicted" or remembered, as it were, didn't happen or happened differently?


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