Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10th Update


That's where the video will be ready and uploaded on or before this March 13th can't say the exact time as I do not know. After shooting the whole thing in HD I found I needed better editing software and after getting that software I found my machine too slow to edit it properly so the entire video will be lowered in quality and will not be in HD, but it should still be better quality than my previous videos.

Here's what I mentioned in the Coast to Coast AM streamlink chat:

So George Noory, Oliver Williams among others will be visiting this website on friday the 13th I am pretty sure, and so will John Titor I highly suspect!

Here's the new Hoaxhunter logo:

It can use some tweaks but not a big focus of my time right now, I'm still editing the video, there won't be many if any updates until the 13th.

--- John Razimus

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  1. I can't wait! Even though it's a "Hoax" it was cool to think that time travel would have been possible in 2034 or 2036 although 2037 would have sucked.

    In addition, I discovered that either John Titor was a hoax or he made a difference when the election of 2004 took place. He had said that a new president would take over the white house, and all that civil war was going to start etc...

    thank you for all your effort.


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