Monday, April 6, 2009

Interview with Pamela of John Titor Lore: New Evidence Revealed - Hoaxhunter

Thanks to Pamela for the interview! I had to trim the video and didn't even have time to say this in the video but thanks again to Pamela for providing the very interesting never before known facts in the John Titor case.

For those that haven't already seen the evidence I mentioned in my March 13th video I recommend you watch the March 13th video at:

The evidence is a URL at which is specifically this:

The evidence is a P.O. box connected with "John Titor". In my opinion this is the best black and white evidence behind the identity of John Titor.This url is my evidence behind the true identity of John Titor. Click it, view it, bookmark it, take a screenshot of it, save it (it may change or disappear at any time).

Thanks to Voager's private investigator Mike Lynch for his dead on Monk-like instincts. The Voager video with private invesitgator Mike Lynch can be seen here:

The video is in Italian but an Italian friend translated it and this is what it says in English:

"But the doubt remains, is he really John Titor? Did Larry Haber have all the notions of Engineering and Physics taught by John Titor? Maybe not. Maybe someone related to him was able to do it. Here is all we know, we have been looking for a ghost named John Titor. Yesterday was an important day. We met the lawyer Larry Haber. He owns the copyrights of the John Titon Foundation. All the tracks brought us to him, but the funny thing is even his brother had come by plane just for the interview. It is an interesting fact because his brother is a computer expert. I think he is the real John Titor and as soon as I have the the evidence I will let you know. So, we may have met the real John Titor. This person who has been very interested in being on T.V. Is he the real John Titor? Here is the deal: What have we really found out? 1. There is no real birth certificate for John Titor. 2. The John Titor Foundation does not have a registered office and the postal code is related to a company who rents post office boxes. 3. Unsupported evidences such as films and documents. 4. Only one confirms the existence of John Titor and it is Larry Haber, the person accompanied by his brother, the man who has a sound knowledge of computers, so no evidences and only a person. Several internet web-sites are about John Titor, but after an in-depth investigation, we would need more evidence. As usual, we followed every trails, but between saying and doing, there's a sea in between."

Until further facts and evidences are revealed I will not be making any more Titor videos.

--- John Hughston a.k.a. Razimus (April 6th 2009).