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John Titor Identity Revealed - Hoaxhunter

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The evidence is a P.O. box connected with "John Titor". In my opinion this is the best black and white evidence behind the identity of John Titor.

This url is my evidence behind the true identity of John Titor. Click it, view it, bookmark it, take a screenshot of it, save it (it may change or disappear at any time).


He has been connected with John Titor in the past, in this video:


This video is in Italian but I have the translation, I will upload the translated version in the future.

Until now no concrete connection has been made with John Rick Haber and John Titor except being the brother of Larry Haber the lawyer for The John Titor Foundation, and except for wanting to be on the Voyager John Titor televison show so badly that he flew in to Florida to be there by his brother Larry Haber while they interviewed him, But thanks to my newly uncovered evidence, THE URL:

Black and white concrete evidence exists, which clearly connects John Rick Haber with John Titor. Voyager's private investigator Mike Lynch said he believed Rick Haber was probably John Titor but he didn't have enough evidence to prove this. Is John Rick Haber John Titor? Has my newly uncovered evidence proven the identity of John Titor? I only ask that you judge for yourself, as for myself my opinion is that John Rick Haber is John Titor, I consider myself an investigator and professional investigator Mike Lynch and I have come to the same conclusion.

One negative response already, for those that don't know new evidence when they see it, you probably wouldn't believe my evidence if I filmed the c204 in Haber's basement. The P.O. Box with the 'John Titor' company is newly uncovered evidence, it is new, you will not find it having been posted in forums previous to this day because it never was, I regularly visit the time travel forums and it has never been mentioned, ever, please look at the URL and judge for yourself, if you consider my evidence for a long enough ammount of time, along with what was uncovered by Voyager's Mike Lynch, you are likely to see the truth.

To the die hard Titor fans, probably nothing will convince them even if Haber admitted to being Titor. To those disappointed in my findings, I suppose I wish I found a more interesting name? I could have pulled a name out of thin air but all the evidence points at one person and I will always focus on the unbiased truth wherever the evidence leads me.

Thanks to all those that e-mailed me tips, help and other information, I will currently keep you anonymous due to those that might want to target you.

The deserved karma upon all, may all sinister hoaxes be thwarted.

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--- John Razimus Hughston on 2:35 AM March Friday the 13th 2009.



"I can't believe it. You actually did find the evidence! Thank you Raz. Thank you for finding this. I have wondered about it for SSSOOOOO long. I actually prayed that God would show me the truth and reveal who he was. I NEEDED to know so much and he obviously wasn't talking."

--- Pamela (John Titor contactee).

That alone makes it worth it for me, I'm glad the response has been mostly positive. I will take a break before my next hoaxhunter episode, but Pamela answered so many questions I will be making one last Titor episode to wrap up the things I couldn't fit into the last 10 minute video, the 10 minute limit at youtube is annoying. Here's another comment...


"This is all very interesting... The best debunking I have seen yet. I think it's about time someone comes forward on this one. Hell... if I did it I would be proud as hell..."

--- bristolsdjcubed

Thursday, March 12, 2009

John Titor Hoax Debunked - Hoaxhunter

John Titor Hoax Debunked - By John 'Razimus' Hughston for Hoaxhunter [Mar-12-2009]


John Titor claimed he was from the year 2036, he also claimed time travel was invented in 2034. It doesn't take a genius to see that we will not build a time machine in 25 years. Yet the John Titor story continues to draw in sci-fi fans.


On Thursday, January 20th, 2005 at 6:55 PM, I sent an email to Dr. Michio Kaku, a leading theoretical quantum physicist and co-founder of String Theory. I asked him the following question concerning John Titor.

"I don't know if you've heard about the supposed time traveler named 'John Titor'. To summarize: A guy posted on the internet in 2001 and claimed to be a time traveler from 2036. He claims his time machine works by using 2 mini black holes. Could you tell me the chances of him being for real?"

--- John 'Razimus' Hughston on 2005

I received a reply from Dr. Michio Kaku, he said the following concerning my question on John Titor.

"I think the person you mentioned is a fake. Mini black holes do not have the power to bend time"

--- Michio Kaku on 2005


Lets take a look at some predictions made by John Titor.


1. "Soon, CERN will bring their big machine on line and they will be smashing very fast and high-energy particles together. One of the more odd and potentially dangerous items produced from this incease in energy will be microsingularities"

--- John Titor on Feb-15-2001

"The physics breakthrough will happen at CERN in about a year or so"

--- John Titor on Nov-03-2000

False. CERN and the Large Hadron Collider have never created a micro black hole or 'microsingularity'.


2. "The source of power for the C204 that allows it to distort and manipulate gravity comes from two microsingularities that were created"

--- John Titor on Feb-01-2001

False. 'microsingularities' or mini black holes cannot warp space-time, according to Dr. Michio Kaku, leading theoretical quantum physicist.


3. "The 'Mad Cow' story here is yet to begin"

--- John Titor on Jan-31-2001

False. This is a CNN article on Mad Cow dated April 25th 1997:


4. "Y2k is a disaster, many people die on the highways when they freeze to death tryingto get to warmer weather"

--- John Titor on Jul-29-1998



5. "The government tries to keep power by instituting marshal law but all of it collapses when their efforts to bring the power back up fail"

--- John Titor on Jul-29-1998



6. "A power facility in Denver is able to restart itself but is mobbed by hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed"

--- John Titor on Jul-29-1998



7. "Russia is covered in nuclear snow from their collapsed reactors"

--- John Titor on Jul-29-1998



8. "The civil war in the United States will start in 2004"

--- John Titor on Feb-01-2001



9. "The civil war in the United States will start in 2004. I would describe it as having a Waco
type event every month that steadily gets worse"

--- John Titor on Feb-01-2001



10. "As a result of the many conflicts, no, there were no official Olympics after 2004"

--- John Titor on Jan-29-2001



John Titor managed to get all 10 of these predictions dead wrong. If Dr. Michio Kaku's statements and John Titor's many failed predictions haven't convinced you that John Titor is not a time traveler I don't know if anything will.

After listening to reason, Dr. Michio Kaku and Titor's many failed predictions the question isn't'was John Titor a time traveler?', the real question is, 'who is John Titor?'.

My first report on John Titor was released on September 25th 2004 in which I proved John Titor's 'unique' terminology did exist before he posted, the three rare terms used by Titor were "gravity lock", "super universe", and "local gravity".

My second rerpot on John Titor was released on February 13th 2009 in which I proved that very few of the people that replied to John Titor's post continued to post on the internet, and even fewer continued to talk about John Titor. I suspected those few namely the people, but they are not John Titor. Due to the circumstances I decided to find the true identity of John Titor.

--- John 'Razimus' Hughston

Permission to reproduce this article is granted under the condition that John 'Razimus' Hughston of Hoaxhunter, and is mentioned.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10th Update

That's where the video will be ready and uploaded on or before this March 13th can't say the exact time as I do not know. After shooting the whole thing in HD I found I needed better editing software and after getting that software I found my machine too slow to edit it properly so the entire video will be lowered in quality and will not be in HD, but it should still be better quality than my previous videos.

Here's what I mentioned in the Coast to Coast AM streamlink chat:

So George Noory, Oliver Williams among others will be visiting this website on friday the 13th I am pretty sure, and so will John Titor I highly suspect!

Here's the new Hoaxhunter logo:

It can use some tweaks but not a big focus of my time right now, I'm still editing the video, there won't be many if any updates until the 13th.

--- John Razimus

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Reveal Video will be Released Friday March 13th

I am 100% positive this is the deadline, my first Titor video this year was released on Friday February 13th, the first time I heard George Noory mention that there were 2 friday the 13th-s back to back I had a feeling I would release this video on the 2nd friday the 13th. I have filmed the footage, I'm just waiting on my sony vegas studio 9.0 to arrive, it will probably be here on monday, but like I mentioned that's my good friend's birthday and I'm going out of town just to be there, I should be back by the 10th or 11th, with just enough time to edit the video and upload it to:

I was nice of Oliver Williams to mention me on his popular Again I do know who John Titor is, it is my opinion and in this free country I have that right, but it is an opinion based on the best evidence I've ever seen, my video will end with this evidence, I've hinted at who is not John Titor, but I have told no one (online) exactly what my evidence is and who I believe John Titor is, at this point many think I am bluffing, but I'm not, the mystery behind Titor has been over for me since I found this evidence, and perhaps it may be for you, but I think die hard Titor fans will continue to believe in the guy even if he released a video of himself and the time box, they would just say he built a good replica, there just isn't convincing the die hard Titor fans, but to those that know good evidence when they see it, they will form the same opinion that I and others have had for a while, X is John Titor, I will upload it Friday March 13th, and to be honest if I get it editied faster than planned I will upload it asap even if it means on the 12th or 11th. This evidence is time sensitive.

--- John Razimus Hughston

John Titor Hoax Debunked and Identity Revealed - Hoaxhunter

This will be the name of the new video, it has officially been postponed until the date mentioned on my last video, despite my loyalty to no one, speaking for no one, I will get it up asap because the evidence may or may not be time sensitive, heheh, time sensitive.

- John Razimus


I don't want to hype my evidence, but I'm also not going to pretend I don't have it, there are already more than a few people saying I don't have it, that I am a liar, well, it's easy to say this and that, I'm not making a dime on releasing it, so it's not one of those bigfoot or alien videos I'm asking money for, It'll be released when I get the mp4 compatible software it's coming via USPS from Texas and should be here any day now, I'm fast at editing video but it could take up to 24 hours, and again, if it interrupts my friends b-day I will drop it, I know dozens upon dozens of people view this blog, yet you never comment, if your gonna pretend you aren't reading this I can pretend you don't exist, I have no loyalty to any of you, I will release this information in my own due time, but the evidence I have is concrete, it's black and white, and I dare say it is the best evidence I've ever seen concerning the true identity behind John Titor, and I've seen it all. Darby is skeptical as are you I am sure, what I see are people that doubt, doubters never achieve, I didn't doubt and it's probably why I ended up finding the evidence to begin with.

- John Razimus

New Logo

Been filming the next episode and been working on a new logo, what do you think? It's inspired by Patrick McGoohan's "The Prisoner" and an obscure resturant, it's a rough draft, wouldn't be wasting time making logos if the promised proof I did not have. Can't edit and toss up the film because of what I said in my latest video description.

- John Razimus

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March 5th update

Check the description of my last youtube video to see the march 5th update. I got the HD camera today.