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When I say it took me 2 to 3 weeks to compile the John Titor A.K.A. Razimus Report, I meant organize, to be presented here and on youtube, I have been investigating John Titor since 2003.

My first report on John Titor was on September 25th 2004 in which I proved John Titor's 'unique' terminology did exist before he posted, the three rare terms used by Titor were "gravity lock", "super universe", and "local gravity".

In this 2004 report I did not discover who Titor was, but I did discover who first mentioned these terms on the internet, a guy named Gerald O’Docharty. He has since been cleared and is not Titor, John Titor simply stole Gerald O'Docharty's words. Titor also must have visited as early as 1996. This is just an example of my past research, I have tried other options, I still hope someone can piece the puzzle together once and for all.

In the John Titor A.K.A. Razimus Report, once all the truths are told the main thing I think can be said is Titor did register multiple other accounts and talk with himself, and is where most Titor fans went to after the Art Bell forums closed, and the Steven Time-Travel video remains suspect. I am continuing to research and will come to a conclusion for myself, but it is up to you to judge for yourself, the goal is to hit a truth so concrete that everyone will know the identity of John Titor.

This is my 2004 report on John Titor's Identity:

Note the UPDATE at the end...

The True Identity of John Titor Revealed?
Self Proclaimed Time Traveller Slipped Up
Super universe, Gravity lock and Local Gravity

By John 'Razimus' Hughston
Space Time News Writer
Saturday, September 25th, 2004

In November of 2000 a man claiming to be a time traveler began posting on the Time Travel Institute message board using the name "TimeTravel_0". In January of 2001 this person now calling himself, "John Titor", started posting on the Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell forum. He said, "Greetings. I am a time traveler from the year 2036". Such a claim was not uncommon on these time travel themed message boards. Many before Titor were claiming to be from the future as well. Although unlike Titor these other supposed time travelers never posted any photos of their time machine.

With his unique attitude John Titor was immediately prepared to post photos of what he claimed was his time machine. After having posted these photos he started to become very popular. There’s no doubt the self proclaimed time traveler has been successful in making himself known on the internet. Various John Titor blogs spanning across the web are not hard to come by. Whether he is a hoaxer or an actual time traveler he had motivation.

If Titor is a time traveler perhaps he sought to be in the history books of his time. He would have at least realized this would be a possibility. This brings up some questions. Titor claimed to be on a secret military mission, why would he want to expose this mission if it was such a secret? And why would he risk becoming exposed throughout history if he didn’t want his superior officers to know? These questions cannot be answered, as Titor supposedly left our time in March of 2001.

If he is a hoaxer some obvious motivations exist. It could have been an elaborate prank to see how many he could fool. However fame and fortune cannot be ruled out as possible motives. If he is a hoaxer Titor is obviously still here and laughing, but who is he? One obvious suspect is Oliver Williams founder of johntitor dot com and The John Titor Foundation. On December 1st 2003 the following book was published, “John Titor A Time Traveler's Tale” authored under the name, “The John Titor Foundation”. Why would an author want to publish a book and not put their name on it? A review given from a Mr. Hicks who read the book said the following, "You'd be better off just printing out the website". It is claimed that this book was written by John Titor’s mother, but this claim has yet to be backed up with any evidence. It would appear that all signs point to Oliver Williams being the author. Williams was on the radio show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on August 6th 2004. Williams was there to plug the book for sale on amazon dot com. Among the many guests Coast to Coast AM has had over the years, most have shared a common motive, to advertise their book. As well as advertising the book on his web site it is unsurprising that Williams is also selling other John Titor merchandise such as; T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Mugs, and Bumper Stickers.

Ever since Titor started posting on the net many have believed his story, but there are many who remain skeptical. The John Titor story has been discussed throughout many forums on the net. It would appear that proof one way or the other has been hard to find. Are these photos posted by Titor actually devices from the future? It is very hard to tell, as the photos themselves are of low quality. Titor also posted what he claimed were official military documents from the time machine manual. As of yet no one has been able to identify what exactly the device is, except for the yellow Geiger counter on top of the supposed time machine.

Among the various message boards there have been many trying to disprove the Titor story. There is even someone offering one hundred dollars if you can find the original source to one of the images Titor posted.

On these forums connections between what Titor said have been made with previously published material. Some say Titor's story was inspired by a fictional role playing book called, GURPS: Time Travel. This book was written by Steve Jackson and published in 1998. In GURPS: Time Travel a U.S. Civil War starts in 2014 and goes to 2017, and World War III goes from 2018 to 2021. According to the future history John Titor posted in 2000, “There is a civil war in the United States that starts in 2005”. Titor also said, “A world war in 2015 killed nearly three billion people”. This war would have to be World War III. Both mention World War III and a U.S. Civil War within a close time frame. This isn’t proof, but GURPS: Time Travel may have inspired John Titor’s story. The connection from John Titor to the GURPS: Time Travel book goes farther. Someone named “Steven Jackson” posted at the same Art Bell time travel forum the same time John Titor did. A poster known as Rick Donaldson replied to Steve's post by asking the question, "Are you Steve Jackson - GURPS Steve Jackson?". This alone doesn’t prove that John Titor is a fraud, but it does prove that the GURPS: Time Travel book was well known at the time travel forum during the time Titor posted there. In an IRC chat Titor said, “world lines are not fixed”, he also said, “By definition, this world line is not the same as mine”. If John Titor's predictions turn out to be wrong this would be his convienent excuse to fall back on.

John Titor slipped up occasionally. On January 6th 2001 he contradicts himself, first he says there are six dimensions, "As I recall, it was this original work that led to the final proof that six dimensions do indeed curl up to give us our observable universe". A poster known as Trott replies to this by saying the following.

"You said 6 curled up dimensions. The current theory suggests that there should be at least 7 curled up dimensions. It was discovered by Ed Witten that if you added an additional dimension that the 5 slightly different versions of string theory would combine into a single theory, which is often called M-theory".

In John Titor's next post he ignores Trott's remarks yet changes his view of how many dimensions there are, "I see time as a mathematical component of a 10 dimensional super universe. It is a variable I use to define my location and existence". Even time travelers make mistakes.

New information recently uncovered by Space Time News suggests that there is another person greatly suspected to be John Titor. After reviewing Titor’s posts we noticed that his vocabulary was unique. Titor used interesting key word phrases such as; “super universe”, “gravity lock”, and “local gravity”. Concerning the topic of time travel these key words are not well known. In fact after doing a specific google search relating to time travel and these key word phrases we could not see a single web source that wasn’t quoting John Titor, except for one. This one source was unique as it was the only one that could be found. We were looking for a connection to “time travel” and “gravity lock”, “super universe”, or “local gravity”. Amazingly one page was found that has all four of those specific key word phrases. Not the individual words but the exact quoted phrases. The one unique source with all of these key word phrases is located at keelynet dot com. Keely Net has been well known among advanced technology and time travel fans, and Coast to Coast AM listeners for years, the site was established in 1996.

The url of the key word phrases source at Keely Net is here, “”.

It is an archive of an e-mail from the Keely Net mail list. The e-mail of the author is not shown but his name is. The author is, “Gerald O'Docharty”. The significance of this e-mail is that it is dated for January 5th 1999, well over a year before John Titor claimed to have arrived and posted on the net. As John Titor said, "My initial flight was from 2036 to 1975 (61 yrs). I then went from 1975 to 2000 (25 yrs.) Later this year, one of two favorable windows will open and I will return to my 2036 (35 yrs.)".

The similarities between Gerald O’Docharty’s e-mail and John Titor’s posts are strikingly similar. On the topic of time travel both O’Docharty and Titor use the phrases; “super universe”, “gravity lock” and “local gravity”. The similarities only begin there. Both O’Docharty and Titor claimed to know the facts of time travel, not as a theory but as something they actually experienced. In the e-mail O’Docharty writes, “In fact, during every-day common life we often branch away from one another's timelines only to re-merge moments later and no one is the wiser”. Published throughout the Keely Net mail list this e-mail is dated for January 5th 1999. Not from the perspective of a theorist or a scientist but from the viewpoint of a time traveler O’Docharty gives specific steps required for time travel. Note the key word phrases are in bold.

"Three steps are required for time travel:
1) Neutralize local gravity lock. This requires expansion of self-vehicle full spectrum radiant field magnitudes and/or velocity acceleration. This could be acheived through either brute force 'terawatt' magnitude external forces, or alternatively through subtle, harmonically precise 'micro' forces.

2) Navigate timelines. Could be done by 'stroboscopically' slowing (halting acceleration) at discreet intervals to maintain upper-harmonic phase sync with local timeline/gravity/space.

3) Drop fields and halt motion to lock back into local gravity. Be careful where you stop though. The local probability may not allow your vehicle's physical existance at that point in time. This might not really be a problem though because you probably couldn't obtain a gravity lock in that instance.

John Titor also listed some requirements for time travel, although in a different format while answering a question,

"There is a gravity lock system that compensates for the local gravity outside of the Tipler sinusoid. This is the reason the unit is only accurate to about 60 years.

...Yes, this is a problem. It was solved by taking a “snapshot” of the local gravity around the unit before leaving a worldline and incorporating it into the sinusoid during travel. The short answer is, you “stick” to the earth but this is only a useful explanation to understand it and it’s not practical. Since the computer system is using a virtual reference, the calculations become flawed. Thus:

1. Based on the accuracy and timing of the “snapshots” the distortion units are limited to how long they can travel before becoming unstable.

2. We must leave and arrive in areas we have prior or future knowledge of in order to avoid massive objects (buildings, water, etc…)

3. The unit has a fail-safe system during travel that drops out in case of a unit shutdown or radical departure in gravity readings.

The following are some quotes of John Titor mentioning "gravity lock" and "local gravity".

"Inside the displacement unit are a series of very sensitive clocks and gravity sensors. This system is called the VGL (variable gravity lock). In simple terms, before the unit 'leaves' a world line, it takes a base reading of the local gravity and adjusts the Tipler sinusoid to 'lock' into that position. Although the tmporal physics of this statment are wrong, in effect, it holds you to the 'Earth'. During travel, it periodically checks to see that the field has not varied. If it does, it stops and reverses course or drops out at that point".

"The hard part of traveling through time is not the bending of gravity but the plotting of your course and holding to the basic "position" in your environment. This is done through a system called VGL (variable gravity lock). Basically, the unit takes a reading of the local gravity and samples it during the "trip" in pulses. If the gravity is too far off, the unit stops or reverses itself to the last sample period where the readings were correct. If there is some sort of failure, the unit shuts down and drops out to where ever you may be".

O'Docharty uses the same key phrases that John Titor used in his vocabulary when discussing time travel. Not only are their vocabularies uniquely similar but their viewpoint on time travel is the same as well. While explaining time travel they both explain it in a similar way, using the example of the cone. In the e-mail from January of 1999, O'Docharty explains his view of how time travel works.

"The observation of the present and its relationship to past and future may be illustrated by this diagram: present
\ /
\ /
\ /
past \/ future
/ \
/ \
/ \

This can be considered as two cones intersecting at a single point of their vertices. The intersection is the point experienced as present or 'now'".

In a post from November of 2000, John Titor explains his view of how time travel works.

"Yes, it can be controlled. However, the distortion unit has operational limits. Imagine your path through time is through a cone. The farther away from the center of the cone, the more differences you will see in the world line".

Both Titor and O'Docharty believe in the multiple universe theory. O'Docharty said,

"At the 'static' super-universe level, all possible timelines are expressed and fully realized as so-called "Parallel Universes". Actually, where there are no differences, those portions of the timelines are united and one the same. That is, they intertwine. ...All possible universes exist but they are not all equally probable and so therefore are not all as easily realised by an observer. Many observers in tune with one another affect the probability wave so that they are more likely to observe the same reality as one another".

John Titor said,

"Now for the physics: The grandfather paradox is impossible. In fact, all paradox is impossible. The Everett-Wheeler-Graham or multiple world theory is correct. All possible quantum states, events, possibilities and outcomes are real, eventual and occurring. The chances of everything happening someplace at sometime in the superverse is 100%.

...In a Universe made up of infinite worldliness (superuniverse), everything is possible and has a 100% probability, therefore…no paradoxes".

The similarities between John Titor and Gerald O'Docharty cannot be dismissed. It is clear that Titor and O'Docharty both share the same viewpoint of how time travel works. They both describe this in a very similar way. They both use a very unique vocabulary. They both are interested in time travel and ufos. They both are fans of alternative media such as of Coast to Coast AM. They both share their views of time travel as if it were a fact, as if they had successfully time traveled themselves.

Gerald O'Docharty could have staged an elaborate hoax such as this. His views on time travel may have been motivation enough. Space Time News has confirmed that the very same Gerald O'Docharty that posted on Keely Net has a highly technical background. In fact in 1997 he said he was a, "Senior Field Applications Engineer, S-MOS Systems Inc". S-MOS was a company affiliated with Epson. He later posted on an RC groups profile, "I'm an electronics engineer and presently working for Epson Electronics as their IC Sales/Marketing Engineer for the Eastern US". Eastern United States, Possibly Florida?

O'Docharty did have the capability to invent the terms in the John Titor story. With his highly technichal background and regularly visiting Keely Net he did know enough about advanced technologies and theories to know how to formulate the John Titor story. It is more probable that John Titor was a hoaxer as opposed to a time traveler. According to the leading physicists of the world today such as Dr. Steven Hawking, Dr. Edward Witten and Dr. Michio Kaku the possibility of time travel does exist, but it is not very probable. They would agree that the most probable reality is that the John Titor story is a hoax.

It is possible that O'Docharty and Williams are associates, although they may have acted alone. Oliver Williams isn't off the hook though, as he claims the book was actually written by John Titor's mother.

[10.26.04] UPDATE: Gerald O'Docharty has since replied on the Time Travel Institute forum to the comments we have made speculating that he may be John Titor. This was his response.

Interesting theory. But sorry, I'm not him. Perhaps he read the same references that you found and modeled his posts from them. -Gerald

A member of this forum emailed me to ask if I was John Titor. This led me to investigate who the hell John Titor is which of course quickly turned up this web site and yours. I feel it is easier to quell the rumor here rather than just notifying you privately. Creating an account gives me the ability to correct anyone here who may have been convinced by your speculation. Of course I have long been aware of the Keelynet archives. I wrote those messages now didn't I? You can email Gerald (I'm sure you can figure out how to do that) and I'll confirm.

I have been busy reading up on 'John Titor' now. My impression is that he is a young guy, probably college age. I suspect he created the time traveller hoax to create a soapbox to express his philosophical and political peeves. John's time travel discussions seem to be a bit shallow. I doubt he really understands the principles that he is obviously parroting, probably having stumbled upon them on the net. Too bad I didn't know about this Titor fellow 'til now, I would have fried him.

I had been involved in the study of gravity and 'unorthodox' science for about 25 years. I have corresponded with innumerable people on the subject over the years even since before the www, and would not be surprised that some of my style has gotten noticed by someone.

With respect to terminology, I try to use conventionally accepted jargon when possible but often there is no adequate word to express a particular concept. So I often make up phrases on the fly. I honestly can't tell you whether I coined those terms you find so interesting or simply borrowed them unconsciously from a variety of sources. I will say that I speak from my own understanding. I do not need to make up stories or feel the need to gain attention for myself.

It was probably about 1999 that I gave up on caring about alternative science. That is likely about the timeframe when you will not see much further public discussion from me about the 'unusual'. I think that enough seeds have been planted that certain ideas have taken root in the culture now and it is no longer necessary for me to push.

If you prefer to believe that I am Titor then I don't really care to beg to convince you otherwise. But I am a bit insulted that this amateur is being given credit for my work.

Gerald has since added a picture to his forum profile and has discussed other topics. It is clear he has nothing to hide, a characteristic Titor Foundation members do not share. Gerald most likely has nothing do do with John Titor or the John Titor Foundation, except that they may have studied similar material concerning black-holes. The terms 'gravity lock' and 'local gravity' have been found to be black-hole related terms. Although only two sources on the internet have been found with these terms relating to the topic of time-travel, black-holes are not far from the subject. We apologize to Gerald for any inconvenience, he doesn't appear to be bothered much by the speculation.

Resources: - John Titor: - John Titor Time Travel Institute message board archive: - John Titor Art Bell Post to Post time travel forum archive: - John Titor IRC archive: Coast to Coast AM - Oliver Williams to plug the John Titor book: GURPS: Time Travel Gerald O'Docharty's technichal background: Gerald O'Docharty on the topic of ufos: Gerald's computer model: An archive of a Keely Net e-mail: Gerald O'Docharty's Hobby, building radio controlled airplanes: Gerald O'Docharty on the topic of time and time travel:

(Permission to reproduce this article is granted under the condition that a reference to HOAXHUNTER of is made.)


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  2. I own and run I remember Gerald O'Docharty. In person, he looked EXACTLY like a young Nikola Tesla and we joked with him about it. Some of us actually met him and had lunch/dinner with him at a conference in Denver. He was very mysterious. Gerald was ADEPT at graphics and had sent me a couple of 1900's Keely photos which he had digitized and cleaned up for amazingly clearer photos. I haven't heard from Gerald in many years but he must have been about 28-34 or so at the time. Young, thin, pale skin color, black hair, good looking guy, brilliant and a bit weird with his sense of humor. But we all liked him. - Jerry Decker @


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