Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Response to the John Titor Report

This is a rare video response I've had from my report coming out, I wish more people mentioned in the report would have made a video, a blog, or sent me an email.

This is one of the original people to have replied to John Titor in the 'I am from 2036' thread in early 2001 on the bbs.artbell.com forum. Her descriptioin for this video says,

"My experience with the time traveller John Titor. In response to a blog which has my name as a possible hoaxster. I am not, I just had an experience. In the end it is most likely I was hoaxed by an individual who claimed to be him however, I will have proof when my grandson gets married. If it is the same woman John told me it will be then he was, is a real time traveller. I have his book so I am on sellingi on amazon, I may have wren a review on the book, or just by buying it I am linked to him."

She said John Titor emailed her and basically did what a fortune teller does via email. Titor told her who her grandson would marry and something concerning her health. Lets pretend for a second John Titor was a time traveler sent back on a secret mission, he blabs about it in a fax he sends to Art Bell and he blabs all over the internet, then those that want to believe email him, he emails and like Sylvia Browne, he claims to know details of their own personal future. Apparently he memorized this lady's personal records or brought them back with him from 2036, if this is true John Titor's mission was to A. Get a computer from 1975, B. In 2001 tell a lady in an email what happens to her and her family in the future. Like she says she was most likely hoaxed by John Titor or someone claiming to be him.

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