Friday, February 13, 2009


My blog was mentioned on 'Coast to Coast AM with George Noory' on the 12th by a caller, it was also mentioned on the 13th by a caller. The show contacted me, maybe one day I will be on the show, I wouldn't mind a debate against any pro-Titor fan, based on the facts.

I honestly wish to seek and destroy hoaxes that were made by people with less than good intentions, so if anything comes of this, I will continue to investigate hoaxes no matter what the feedback is. Most money-scheme hoaxes have yet to be touched by Mythbusters with a 10 foot pole, so there's plenty to work with, if you would like to suggest a hoax for me, send me an email, thanks.

Hopefully this report will help lead someone in actually finding the true identity of Titor. I am fully willing to retract the mistakes made in this report, please give me a few days to do this.

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