Monday, February 16, 2009


I saw a scan once of the very envelope with Pamela's address blanked out and very IBM logo that was mailed to Pamela, I also saw a photo of Pamela. I believe I saw these images at or, one or the other, since those are the only 2 forums I've ever posted more than 5 posts on, except for and it wasn't there. The threads or posts must have been deleted shortly after. The envelope was yellow, the IBM logo looked ordinary and I don't think there was a return address, so the Titor-hoaxers probably sent it to her anonymously.

So I ask, can anyone bring me this image?

In the thread, it said that Pamela didn't even get a letter inside the envelope, just the logo.

The image itself is not important, it's just few have seen it and few know it exists. I could comment on the photo of Pamela but I'd rather not at this moment.

The person to email me this image, I'll be your friend. I'm going to move on from this JT drama, since nobody is willing to help me, people that know a great deal, and they can correct my mistakes but they can't give me anything to work with, the more I talk about Titor the more the nerdy man behind the hoax gets happy that his name is even mentioned, at least this is how I picture the author behind John Titor.

Until someone helps me out, I will be focusing on other hoaxes.


  1. I've also been impatiently waiting for this hoax to be debunked. I've read portions of your report, and watched both parts of your YouTube video. What has definitively led you to believe that Olav is not Titor?

  2. There are also a number of things which have led me to believe this is a hoax, by which I've based my conclusion. I haven't done a great amount of research as you apparently have.


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