Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Millionth Council (The Bermuda Triangle) Mysterious Creepy Phone Call - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus discusses the mysterious spooky phone call from April 13th 1975 on radio station WFTL, Ray Smithers Bermuda Triangle researcher and radio DJ was in the middle of a Bermuda Triangle themed show. Hundreds of phone calls were coming in when all of a sudden all of the phone calls were cut off. Five cut off phone calls later the sixth caller began to make a statement mentioning the "aura" of Earth being the Bermuda Triangle, he claimed it was a sort of communication window used by The Millionth Council. Watch the video above to hear the actual audio clip of the call.

The first time I heard the mysterious call was in the early 90s, I even made a drawing inspired by it. The drawing was probably made around 1993, I did not date it but I clearly wrote out "Dimension Traveler of the 'Millionth Council'.

I will try to find the original copy of the call, which supposedly has a few more details to it, the best version available on the net is the In Search Of hosted by Leonard Nimoy version from the Bermuda Triangle episode. The first time the call was ever aired on a massive scale (Before In Search Of) was in a movie called "Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle" (1978) and (1977) Starring Peter Thompkins.

Here is the IMDB link to the movie;
This movie also known as a documentary is very rare and very hard to find other than the European VHS PAL version which would be difficult to convert into a DVD. If anyone already has a good copy of this movie or knows where I can find it please let me know! --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

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  1. The voice sounds exactly like that of Alan Watts, writer, speaker, Eastern philosopher, and associate of KPFA radio in Berkeley CA. The creepy thing is, Alan Watts died in 1973, two years prior to the Bermuda Triangle radio message.


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