Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bigfoot is Not Real - Hoax Hunter Unscripted

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus talks about Big Foot and why he doesn't exist. If he did exist he isn't physical and can't possibly be physical due to a lack of physical evidence.

Despite the fact that these Killing Bigfoot guys have been trying to kill Big Foot their whole life, there still has yet to be a single body or bone of the Big Foot found.

They have a good premise for a show though, as it'll go on forever and ever if it gets good ratings, because it's impossible to catch something that doesn't exist or isn't physical.

I haven't seen a more die hard belief than the Big Foot believer commenters on youtube. If you say Big Foot doesn't exist they'll swear up and down they know someone who saw one.

Every photo I've seen of Big Foot since the Patterson footage has been nothing more than a human in a bear/gorilla costume behind a bush or tree.

In this episode I also show the bear that injured it's front two paws and walks upright in New Jersey. This could easily be mistaken for a Big Foot.

--- Hoax Hunter Razimus


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