Friday, April 26, 2013

John Titor Vs. Morey Haber (Text Comparison)

It's not about one match, or the chances of one match, it's about the complete number of matches as a whole, and the chances of the complete number of matches as a whole.

If someone can find better evidence, I will happily accept it, I have yet to find better evidence than this. --- hoaxhunter

The Philadelphia Experiment episode 001 cut into 1 video.

The Philadelphia Experiment episode 001 cut into 1 video.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Real John Titor - Hoaxhunter

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"JOHN TITOR TEXT ANALYSIS COMPARATIVE LINGUISTIC STUDY by John Hughston AKA Razimus of Hoaxhunter" can be found in the public google drive folder above.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Real John Titor to be revealed in 2 days.

I will reveal the real John Titor in 2 days.

I will upload a video accompanied with a great amount of proof, showing once and for all, the true identity behind John Titor.

--- John Hughston "Razimus" (Hoaxhunter)

John Titor 2013 News Update - Hoaxhunter

In this episode Hoaxhunter John Hughston aka Razimus discusses the following:

* The John Titor Foundation P.O. Box UPDATE.
--- If you went to Kissimmee instead of Celebration you were 10 miles off!

* The John Titor Movie Contract.
--- 2009 Movie Contract.

* The John Titor (2014) Movie:
--- Who do you want to play the role of John Titor in the John Titor movie? Post your choice in the comments section!

* John Titor Trademark owned by Andy Nissenbaum can be seen at:

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-- Official John Titor Facebook:
-- Disaster.NET:
-- Disaster TV:

* Oliver Williams & his 2 websites:

* John Titor Confession Hoax Kid.
--- Did he know the real John Titor? How did he know his exact age in 2011?
* Darby was right, John Titor is a baby boomer.
* Richard Haber is not John Titor.

* The next Hoaxhunter episode will be the biggest John Titor video I will ever make. I will finally, once and for all reveal the real identity behind John Titor. This will be backed up with a great deal of evidence which I am 100% confident in. I have known about this new
evidence since September 2011. Stay tuned and stay subscribed! I will upload the next episode very shortly!

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December 21st 2012 Mayan Calendar Apocalypse Doomsday Hoax - Hoaxhunter

This video was uploaded on December 20th 2012.