Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An Open Forum for Rick Haber

I believe this is news worthy, Pamela started a thread for Rick Haber here:

Pamela's first post on 05/31/09 at 11:25 PM:

"I wonder if Rick Haber would do an interview ? That would be interesting. Has any one bothered to even ask? I am going to ask Larry if he will come here and post.

There I made a thread just for him if he decides to come and answer some questions.
Obviously everyone wants to hear from him."

Pamela's second post on 06/01/09 at 08:04 AM:

"Larry said he would ask him."

Pamela's third post on 06/03/09 11:26 PM:

"Richard sent me an email that he also sent a copy to Larry I think he is planning on posting and I see he has registered his name below."

The following account was registered shortly before, this is the account Pamela is referring to:

06/03/09 09:18 PM

Pamela's fifth post on 06/06/09 05:17 at PM:

"He hasn't posted yet. Last I heard he was having trouble getting his password or something and I gave him MOPs email address. Maybe he changed his mind. I don't know."

The following is likely the 2nd account R. Haber created after he supposedly forgot his password.

06/04/09 08:18 PM

It is no surprise that Richard never bothered to post, he already posted back in the day and maybe he feels he can't top his old posts, maybe he wanted to use his old school account and forgot that password, maybe he makes a new password at 18 minutes past the hour on a random hour every day and seconds later forgets that password too.

A lot of people asked questions awaiting a response that never came, here were my questions...

Posted by Razimus on 06/13/09 at 12:21 AM:

"I have 3 questions for Richard.

1. Why did Larry's po box have 'John R Haber' attached to it officially at one point? This is not a typo, it's an official record, you say a John Haber does not exist, well, it's either a real name or a psudonym, but it exists in black and white anyway.

2. Why did voyager (the italian tv show) assume you were this 'John R Haber'?

They are on record stating that your name is 'John Rick Haber'.

3. Why did voyager assume you flew in just for the titor interview and not larry's 50th b-day?

They are on record stating that you flew into florida just for the tv interview.


--- Razimus"

- John Razimus

The P.O. Box is Not the Loch Ness Monster

I saw the video with the kids looking for the JTF P.O. box in Florida. Apparently having done little to no research they attempted to debunk what is fact, the physical P.O.'s existance. You don't need to see it to believe it, it's been there for years and still currently is, send a letter if you want, proof would be the letter would not be returned with a stamp stating the box does not exist (which it does). The reason the kids didn't find it, and I did address it on their youtube page (when the video was new), is they looked in the wrong place, they went to U.S. Postal Offices, what they didn't realise is the P.O. Box is not in a U.S. Post Office, it's in a non-post office, it's in a business, one of those mailboxes etc type stores (I know this because this is mentioned in the Documentary with Investigator Mike Lynch), I don't know the exact name of the store because I've never been to Florida, and I don't need to fly to Florida to prove the existance of a box, a box which existance was never under dispute, it was only under dispute in the minds of those kids that made that video and it made me laugh. The fact that Oliver mentions this is proof that he is a tabloid journalist, lacking any extensive research, and only hyping the story for one solitary goal, money.

And I am aware the addresses dot com URL that I found and released has been updated,
and no longer has the outdated record proving the connection between the JTF P.O. Box, a John R. Haber and John Titor. This was predictable and was predicted in the same video in which the URL was disclosed, but with eye witnesses in the hundreds, a print out, screen shot and video, the evidence remains.

- John Razimus