Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Illuminatiam Hoax - Illuminati Internet Meme & Urban Legend - Hoax Hunter

In this episode I discuss the newest Illuminati hoax out there, a tiny tiny double spaced book with gigantic font. It's called The "Illuminatiam", it's a "new religion" according to the author which is the main reason I'm against it. It's clearly a hoax, scam, cash grab from the latest Illuminati internet meme & Urban Legend, but to call it a religion is pathetic. There are already many Illuminati-wannabes out there, this wannabe-religion is perfect for them, it's shallow, hollow, and there's nothing there. The book promises the readers if they promote the book on twitter, facebook and give the book 5 stars on amazon they will be rewarded somehow, in some way, in the future, by the illuminati, it doesn't get any faker than that, if the pyramid on the cover represents anything it represents the pyramid scheme that the 'illuminatiam' is. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

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