Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Montauk Project - Hoax Hunter - Extended Version

I've been researching The Montauk Project for 17+ years. Communicated with Preston B. Nichols a few times & Peter Moon. Thoroughly researched Camp Hero AKA Montauk Air Force Base. In this episode I interview the last Commander of Montauk AFB and a Sgt. of Montauk AFB as well. In the later half of the video I illustrate a few of the Sci-Fi movies Preston B. Nichols likely gained inspiration from for The Montauk Project.

The Philadelphia Experiment Is so interconnected with The Montauk Project I will re-post this video below, these two videos really need to be watched back-to-back for anyone seeking the truth on these two subjects. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus


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