Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am going to make a new video, since you haven't seen it yet you can't judge it, whining and crying in your replies isn't going to convince anyone of anything. Let me guess, if my video gets few views you will pay less attention to it, and if it gets many view you will pay more attention to it. I can't control how many people pay attention to my blog or youtube videos, let alone control how they think about it, they can come to their own conclusions and judge for themselves. I don't care if I get 1 view or 1,000,000 views, I just want to expose this hoax once and for all.

I'm not going to apologize to the possible 88 fake names, 1 of the 'fake names' count that 1! One said he was mentioned as a fake name, okay so the potential fake name list drops to 87. Olav can't speak for these people, they can speak for themselves, this is what the non-fake name said about my report,

"So, Razimus, you may be right. But in this instance, by referring to me as a "fake name", i.e. an unreal person, you are very wrong. Your caveat is correct:

'It's possible a few of these names could be real people, but that would only be possible if they never posted about Titor under that name ever again.' - Razimus

This is the only time since that Art Bell message board, that I have posted anything about my "Titor experience" for a very good reason: I don't care that much about it and think it a fake. And if I had posted again about it, I certainly would not have done so with my real name. In fact, I think I may have only posted on 1 or 2 unrelated threads on that board and then only a few lines of opinion. I eventually left it for things of greater interest on the web to me. And with several different "aliases" or nicknames not related to my own.

Finally, I have no affiliation with any of those others listed, I think I visited once or twice but certainly never registered to do anything there.

Thanks for my 15 minutes of fame. I was hoping for more from it." - Beaux

Sorry Beaux for saying yours was a fake name. Thank you for coming forward and proving me wrong in your case.

I'm not sorry to the 87 names that have not come forward. How else am I going to prove whether or not they are/were real or not? If you personally can prove to me X is a real name then I will be happy to apologize for calling X a fake name, as far as defamation, this never took place. I'm never going to apologize for defamation because defamation never took place. I never said anyone was John Titor, I said these X people "may or may not be" John Titor, there is a *BIG* difference, a difference you really need to notice.

So who is John Titor? this is the question, there is more interest in this question than I expected, I just intended on making a hoaxhunter investigation blog/show and I randomly chose the John Titor hoax as the first hoax I would pick for the show, future topics will likely involve The Philadelphia Experiment, The Montauk Project, Alternative 3, among other hoaxes. Those 3 I happen to have already researched at length and can easily give my view on them as well as state the facts proving whether or not they were hoaxes. Just a hint, I will likely not talk about things that are not hoaxes, I probably won't waste my time posting the results of potential hoaxes that were proven non-hoaxes, unlike mythbusters, and unlike mythbusters I will avoid myths and focus on man made fame/money-scheme hoaxes.

One footnote in the history of this silly hoax. Is Rick Donaldson John Titor?

Nope, he's not sophisticated enough to pull off the John Titor hoax. I never considered Rick a high suspect and he knows it, I think he's trying to protect his friend and get some spotlight at the same time because he may be jealous. A note to Rick, calling me a drunk when I never have been in my life is slander. I may or may not address Rick in my next video, but he owes me an apology for his false statements against me.

--- John 'Razimus' Hughston

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  1. Raz, we have the videos, and we have the original postings you made where you called me (Rick Donaldson) the number two suspect. lol

    Now you want to say I'm not "sophisticated enough" to pull off such a hoax? That's all fine and dandy, the POINT is I wouldn't have TRIED to pull it off in the first place.

    I don't HAVE to protect anyone. Olav and Phil can protect themselves.

    However, as one of the "experts" involved in the original story I CAN provide details that you're failing to listen to.

    Since you're making an ass of yourself on your own... I'll let you make all the brash and stupid comments you like - but I will still correct you when you're wrong.

    I haven't made any false statements against you pal - you however have made several against other people.

    I didn't call you a drunk - I said to stop drinking (or smoking) whatever it was you were doing before that last video. You LOOKED drunk or high to ME. :)

    So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Hahaha.

    Last thing to note here Raz, NO ONE at Anomalies has made a penny off the site, most importantly, Olav. Hasn't made a cent off it.

    So, where was the who "money thing" in it?????


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