Monday, February 23, 2009


If you are in Canada right now as you read this, I have a question to ask you, the question is simply where in Canada are you? Please post your City and/or Region in the comments or email me at , the reason I'm asking this question will become clear in a few days. I'll probably ask the question again but your help is appreciated.

Also more updates are coming soon, future HOAXHUNTER topics will include: Gnome Hoaxes?, The Philadelphia Experiment Hoax?, The John Titor Hoax?, The Montauk Project Hoax?, The Alternative 003 Hoax?, The Project Serpo Hoax?, The Moon Hoax?, The Michael Horn Billy Meier Hoax?, The Elvis Presley Hoax?, The Caret Drone Hoax?, The Jonathan Reed Alien Hoax?, The Mel's Hole Hoax?, The Uri Geller Hoax?, among others.

Note: I do enjoy some of these hoaxes, and I almost don't want to disprove some of the better ones because they are great stories, these hoaxes will lose some of their mystery if debunked. As much fun as some of these hoaxes are, some of them were created by insidious people. I am a fan of Art Bell/Coast to Coast AM, I could pretty much use that show alone to find hoaxes, at least one hoax a weeks is plugged on that show. The Hoaxhunter show will vary from fluff pieces to heavily researched reports, due to my past mistakes I will be more careful stating what is fact and what is my opinion, but I will not cease to state my opinion. My polarization to the nefarious hoaxers is great and it has caused me to become a Hoaxhunter. I've tried to empathize with their mindset, fame and money seems to be a popular goal, but it's never been a goal of mine. Perhaps there is more to the hoaxer than the seeking of fame and money. Some hoaxers may see their work as a joke, a trick, a form of artwork. While art may be involved it would remain an art of deception. Even some illusionists could be hoaxers if they claim supernatural powers, while Criss Angel claims he has no supernatural powers Uri Geller claims the opposite, I would say Uri is a great candidate for a future Hoaxhunter episode, there is no doubt that he is a hoaxer.

I just tossed up the Crispin Glover video because I was working on it while I got reactions to my first John Titor videos and I didn't want to waste it, I am still working on editing the new John Titor videos, my sony movie studio software is very slow, and my computer is very slow and it literally takes days to edit a single video.

--- John Razimus Hughston

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