Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Okay, now we're getting somewhere. People are emailing me left and right.

Phil Fiord emailed me and told me his side of the story, I think he thought I didn't know things which I already knew, but it's not those things that have persuaded me to take him off the suspect list, it's the fact that he emailed me and gave an honest argument in his defence. This is the exact opposite of what the authors behind JT would do.

Since hoaxing a time-traveler in 2001 is not illegal or a crime I have never claimed any of these suspects were criminals or broke the law in any way. The JT story is entertainment and always has been, is it dishonest? it depends on who you ask, if you ask George Noory he would probably say no it's not dishonest, Noory honestly thinks JT was either a time traveler or a very intuitive person, does that sound like Noory thinks he's dishonest? nope. Noory recenty said about me that "I was an investigator but I admitted to making some mistakes", this is true, so please if your on the suspect list, send me an email, it's as simple as that. Whether I buy your side of the story will depend on whether or not you're telling the truth.

The truth is on my side, is it on yours? This isn't to say I can't be fooled, but I have a pretty good BS detector that has fought against the 10 cds for a penny scam, timeshares, telemarketers, junkmail, spam, any scam you can think of, I haven't fallen for any of them. If it has served me well in the past I'm not going to abandon it, again I ask anyone to join HOAXHUNTER if you think you can help me in this or any other hoax.

I will stand alone and say I am an unbiased investigator that comes to my conclusions strictly based on facts gathered through deep investigaton, educating myself on these facts and I admit to using my logic and conjecture on the facts but what else can I use to piece these things together? Then I expose what I know.

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