Monday, February 23, 2009

The Crispin Glover Episode

Crispin Glover is probably the furthest you can get from being a hoaxer, but his appearance on the Letterman show in 1987 has been called a publicity stunt and this is loosely a hoax. Showbiz publicity stunts will rarely be mentioned on Hoaxhunter. If you have a better hoax you'd like Hoaxhunter to investigate feel free to make a suggestion. This video gives a good background for Crispin and his sense of humor. I personally believe Crispin's famous first visit on Letterman rivals even Andy Kaufman's Late Night stunts. Andy's quirky sense of humor was well known and David Letterman was obviously in on the joke. If the same were the case with Crispin Glover's stunt, why did Letterman walk off stage and not come back until Crispin was gone? This is probably the only time David abandoned a guest like this. Some would compare Crispin Glover's apperance to the recent stunt pulled off by Joaquin Phoenix.

Joaquin's stunt is already more famous than Crispin's, but is it a hoax? I believe it is but I will need more evidence before this can be proven. Puff Daddy's face in this photo says a lot, he's either happy for some unrelated reason or he's in on the joke and with less acting experience than Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix, he can't keep a straight face. Casey's documentary on Joaquin's career change from movie star to hip-hop artist will most likely be a mockumentary as many have suggested.

Crispin Glover admits, if anything, his first appearance on Letterman may have hurt his acting career for a time. The same could happen to Joaquin and it may already have if his claim of quitting acting is true, but due to the publicity he's gained from his stunt he could be back to making Oscar nominated movies in no time. Joaquin Phoenix's claim of never making another movie again seems to be a trend in Hollywood. As I recall Keanu Reeves and Jet Li made the same promise many movies ago. At this point, saying, "I'm never going to make movies again", is Hollywood slang for, "I'll make more movies if the script and price is right". This statement if taken seriously probably floods an actor with more acting offers than ever.

--- John Razimus Hughston

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