Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Reveal Video will be Released Friday March 13th

I am 100% positive this is the deadline, my first Titor video this year was released on Friday February 13th, the first time I heard George Noory mention that there were 2 friday the 13th-s back to back I had a feeling I would release this video on the 2nd friday the 13th. I have filmed the footage, I'm just waiting on my sony vegas studio 9.0 to arrive, it will probably be here on monday, but like I mentioned that's my good friend's birthday and I'm going out of town just to be there, I should be back by the 10th or 11th, with just enough time to edit the video and upload it to:

I was nice of Oliver Williams to mention me on his popular Again I do know who John Titor is, it is my opinion and in this free country I have that right, but it is an opinion based on the best evidence I've ever seen, my video will end with this evidence, I've hinted at who is not John Titor, but I have told no one (online) exactly what my evidence is and who I believe John Titor is, at this point many think I am bluffing, but I'm not, the mystery behind Titor has been over for me since I found this evidence, and perhaps it may be for you, but I think die hard Titor fans will continue to believe in the guy even if he released a video of himself and the time box, they would just say he built a good replica, there just isn't convincing the die hard Titor fans, but to those that know good evidence when they see it, they will form the same opinion that I and others have had for a while, X is John Titor, I will upload it Friday March 13th, and to be honest if I get it editied faster than planned I will upload it asap even if it means on the 12th or 11th. This evidence is time sensitive.

--- John Razimus Hughston

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  1. Man, I remember reading about this stuff in high school five years ago. Crazy it's still going on!


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