Monday, July 27, 2015

1994 UFO Sighting Update: Not Flairs, My Guess Rare Military Drone Prototype Operation or Paranormal - Hoax Hunter

Art Bell's sighting is interesting, I've heard him mention it many times. I personally believe it was some type of stealth blimp, rarely used. There have been similar sightings to his I've heard about on various shows.

I've had about 3 worth-mentioning UFO sightings. I just made an animated re-creation of what I saw in 1994. It took 2 days to make this animation, I'm not an animator but I took the time to make it because I thought it was the only 'proof' I could provide. If I'm going to waste 2 days of my life for 132 views and a 'loss of credibility', it's the only way I can provide evidence. To this day I have no idea what I saw. And an 'update', I'm not 100% sure the thing at the very end is related to the other white lights, but I do know it came from the same direction. Someone suggested flairs, flairs don't intelligently fly their own independent directions upward and in a strategic grid like pattern. What I saw were 2 major orange UFOs that dropped 25 to 30, I estimate 27 smaller white UFOs  (One thing I remember is I attempted to count them but lost count, but did count enough to know they did not drop the same number)which then flew their own directions. One may have flown over me. The orange UFOs disappeared after dropping the 11 to 15 smaller white UFOs. This was in 1994, my best guess would be a military operation with some form of prototype drones, either that or totally paranormal. I do not believe it was E.T. or having anything to do with aliens.

--- J. Razimus with Hoax Hunter

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