Friday, July 24, 2015

Scrubbed From The Internet - Transister Illuminati Sacrifice Party Music Video - Hoax Hunter w/ J. Razimus

In this episode I discuss a song & music video I've been looking for actively for 15 years. I found it 2 years ago when it was posted here;
Unfortunately the full version was not posted. I believe the full version has been scrubbed from the internet & TV. Not necessarily for nefarious purposes but it is possible. I asked about it for 15 years on music foums. Contacting even people like Matt Pinfield with no response. Sub Pop Records said they'd ask around about it this was when I forgot the name of the band and the song. I can't remember how I was tipped off about it, possibly on twitter, but I finally found the name and shortly after someone posted the Carson Daly edit version of the video. MTV clearly did not like the ending of this video. I saw this video air 6 times in 1997, 3 times with the ending, 3 times with the ending censored and then never again. Thanks for watching more episodes coming soon. --- J. Razimus with Hoax Hunter

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