Saturday, February 21, 2015

The White Room - Illuminatiam - Illuminatus - Illuminati - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter Razimus discusses the 33 bogus tenants of the hoax book known as "Illuminatiam" which was heavily inspired by an adult sci-fi book trilogy first published in 1975 known as the "Illuminatus! Trilogy", which was inspired by the mock religion known as Discordianism which came about with the 1965 publication of Principia Discordia. The Illuminatiam book heavily borrowed (ripped off) the concept of The White Room from the Illuminatus! Trilogy without understanding what they were ripping off. The White Room is discussed in this episode, in addition to the 33 tenants of the Illuminatiam and the eye on the back of the dollar bill is vaguely mentioned but that topic deserves it's own episode and will be mentioned in a future episode. --- Hoax Hunter Razimus

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