Saturday, November 21, 2015

Skull And Bones & Paul Giamatti Pyramidikal with John Razimus & David Liebe Hart

In this episode number 67 (Played by John Razimus) is recruited (drugged) by the Illuminati to replace the previous number 67. Taken to Mars to perform his duties within the D&M Pyramid also known as Pyramidikal Mountain. Number 1 details the duties of 67; "Your mission is to learn the secrets of the universe, the mysteries of anything paranormal and supernatural". Number 1 goes on to spill the deepest secrets of the mystery school fraternity known as The Skull And Bones also known as The Order, or The Brotherhood of Death. David Liebe Hart makes an appearance and relates what he knows concerning the subject. Number 67's clone makes an appearance, Clone of 67, who focuses on the Skull of Geronimo, the prominent Apache leader of history, whose skull was stolen by the grave robbing members of The Skull And Bones. Paul Giamatti supposedly being a member of the Skull And Bones is also mentioned.

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