Thursday, June 18, 2015

Michael Horn The Garbage Can Lid Mousepad Zazzle King (Billy Meier UFO Case) - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus gives an update on his connection with the Billy Meier UFO case. The official spokesman for Billy Meier uses twitter to vent his frustration at Razimus. Billy Meier's wedding cake flying saucer was clearly proven many times to have a base constructed of a garbage can lid. Razimus surfs the official Billy Meier/Michael Horn website and comes across more garbage can lid mousepads in the history of Zazzle. Michael Horn is crowned with the official title and shall now be henceforth known as The Garbage Can Lid Mousepad Zazzle King!


  1. This poor little wimp thought he had an easy target but now is hiding from having to substantiate his idiotic, defamatory claims. He's already defeated. A guy who says he's going to debate…and then hides and posts childish videos instead, is simply another impotent online loser.

    This is the same thing I encountered with Phil Langdon, who challenged me to a debate (on the William Piper show) and then…didn't show up! This fool should have simply admitted that he was wrong. Instead he's posted defamatory claims that he can't substantiate.

    There's a big difference between shooting your mouth off online and having to stand up and prove it in real life.

  2. It's pretty obvious that this fool isn't going to debate and has locked himself tightly into his phony claims. Clearly he's only an attention seeker - and not even remotely qualified as any kind of researcher - since he was so inept that he couldn't find the recent, independent analyses* that AUTHENTICATE both the WCUFO photos/video and the Pendulum UFO film.

    So while he keeps posting his inane, childish comments and defamatory claims, trying to evade the issues, he's now created an indelible record of his incompetency and lack of…character and integrity.

    Make no mistake about it, he deliberately set out to do people harm in order to create a name for himself. It turned out differently than he expected, as the names he made for himself are loser, fraud, coward, liar, phony, wimp, etc.

    *These analyses include the protocols used so that ANYONE can test and duplicate them, according to the scientific method:

    …and let him try to argue with:

    So the fool took the bait, dug himself in deeper and deeper and now has nowhere to go but down. Expect more childish comments from him…as he struggles with the inescapable reality of the WCUFO, the Pendulum UFO and the Meier case.

  3. Now that you know the truth the wise and decent thing would be to retract all the defamatory material.

    Let it be a lesson learned.

  4. See the response to all false claims by this fool at:,1075.0.html

  5. Dr. J has agreed to host the debate between John Razimus and Michael Horn. Tentative date: Mid-August 2015


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