Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mo Pai Nei Kung Master, John Chang AKA Dynamo Jack, Chi Power, Telekinesis, Demon Poltergeist or Hoax? - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus discusses John Chang, a Mo Pai Nei Kung master who uses an energy he describes as Chi, specifically Yin Chi to do miraculous things. From pyrokinesis to be telekinesis. A parallel between the Charlie Charlie game and an ancient Indonesian 'game' involving spirits moving a dagger 'kryss' while balanced on it's sheath is also discussed. Former student Jim McMillan reveals his side of the story, what he believes is happening. John Razimus reveals his opinions on the subject as well. It is up to the viewer to decide, thanks for watching!
--- John Razimus

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