Monday, June 8, 2015

Tim And Eric Hollywood Illuminati Devil Worshipers? - Hoax Hunter

In this episode Hoax Hunter John Razimus discuses a first hand story he heard from his friend David Liebe Hart concerning the time when David Liebe Hart told Razimus that Tim & Eric were devil worshipers, members of a secret Hollywood Illuminati, and had a secret society Pink Card. If you know about any secret society that has a pink card please let Razimus know, tweet him @Razimus or email him @ razimus at gmail dot com.

David Liebe Hart is very appreciative of the work Tim and Eric gave him, and the details of the story are too elaborate, which is why I don't think David Liebe Hart would have made this story up. A logical conclusion is Tim & Eric were pranking David, which is very possible, but who knows. I wouldn't be surprised if T&E were Anton LaVey Hollywood Satanists. Feel free to post your opinions on the subject. Due to popular demand future Hollywood Illuminati, and non-Hollywood Illuminati videos are coming in the future, thanks for watching!

--- John Razimus

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