Friday, December 11, 2015

David Bowie Saw The Devil In 1976 - Occult Unmasked w/ John Razimus


In this episode of Occult Unmasked you will hear the strange story of when David Bowie saw the supernatural firsthand. He witnessed the devil rising from bubbles and smoke in
his swimming pool in 1976. His wife at the time, Angie Bowie
also witnessed some of these events. This encounter with the paranormal changed them forever.

This episode delves into the depths in great detail what transpired on the night David Bowie saw a demonic entity supernaturally appearing in his swimming pool.

A song written specifically concerning the event entitled, "When David Bowie Saw The Devil" is included.

The Documentary Short, "When David Bowie Saw The Devil" narrated, edited & special effets by John Razimus can also be seen in this episode, it illustrates the horrific scene which was likely Major Tom's darkest moment.

This episode also contains quotes from Angie Bowie's autobiography as well as quotes from David Bowie concerning Black Magic/Black Magick. Bowie admitted to practicing old fashioned magic. Not to mention doing so while high on hard drugs, this is an extremely dangerous combination, even Bowie admits such in a quote near the end of the episode.

Thanks for watching! --- John Razimus of Occult Unmasked, Hoax Hunter & Pyramidikal.

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