Friday, January 29, 2016

Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) [Thunder Energies Corp] Hoax Hunter

Thunder Energies Corp released a scientific publication in 2014 concerning a telescope lens, called the Santilli lens, designed to see anti-matter. In late 2015 the claim went from anti-matter to invisible entities on earth. A video released in 2016 from Thunder Energies Corp details their concave lens including claims it can be used to view invisible terrestrial entities or (ITE). Are their claims legitimate? Can their lens see ghosts, demons, angels or inter-dimensional aliens? Even having the ability to see anti-matter would be a major breakthrough. Perhaps their lens can see the space between, or "interspace" as was mentioned in their video. The most outlandish claim made by Ruggero Maria Santilli involves these invisible entities supposedly conducting intelligence surveliance among the public and even military installations. This last detail is not explained in Thunder Energies Corp's scientific journal release. --- John Razimus of Hoax Hunter

Here is their official scientific submission;

John Razimus of Hoax Hunter will continue to investigate these claims. It's either a massive hoax or one of the biggest achievements in modern science.

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