Thursday, January 7, 2016

Blue Avians = Demonic Spirit 5th Dimensional Entities - Occult Unmasked w John Razimus

In this episode I expose the Blue Avians that are appearing via; Dreams, Visions & Telepathic Communication to mouthpieces of the New Age Movement. The best proof that these Blue Avians exist can be seen in those who claim to have seen them appear, multiple people have claimed this, but most prominently New Age mouthpiece David Wilcock, David is an unwitting conduit for these entities who have successfully fooled him into believing they are Extraterrestrials. Now this is a story that you'd expect to see on the Vigilant Christian's page, but I have to share my opinion on this subject. I don't agree with everything the Vigilant Christian says, for example, he agrees with David Wilcock, that Katy Perry & Lady Gaga are member of a secret Illuminati cabal. This is a conclusion they jumped to, but I do not claim this, Lady Gaga & Katy Perry are simply musicians, aside from that the Vigilant Christian is correct when it comes to the New Age movement, which is full of idiots being contacted by Spirits. If you don't believe spirits exist, I consider them 5th dimensional intelligent entities. These entities, claiming to be Blue Birds from outer space, contacted David Wilcock and told him the Illuminati would get shaken down, and that he, David Wilcock would be a hero to the world, like Snowden, taking down the evil Illuminati, that after such takedown we won't be hearing any evil Illuminati music anymore, such as Katy Perry & Lady Gaga. David Wilcock made this statement claiming it would take place within 6 months, he made this statement over 1 year ago, proving it's a lie. Why would David Wilcock put his reputation on a 6 month prediction? It's too short of a time frame for a fake psychic to put out unless he believed it would happen. It didn't happen, and won't ever happen anytime soon. So either David Wilcock is delusional (Seeing something and hearing information that other people are also seeing and hearing, apparently other people are seeing these Blue Avians and hearing the same message) Or David Wilcock is lying, or David Wilcock is being lied to by evil spirit entities. Now this is a long shot to those who don't believe in spirits. But I personally have had encounters with spirits. I wasn't part of the New Age movement, so I haven't encountered these masks, Blue Avians, masks designed by the trickster spirits, to fool men, but I have met invisible spirits, which I believe are intelligent 5th dimensional entities, based on my encounters with them, they were evil. I know they can shape shift among having many different capabilities, I will detail their attributes in a future episode. This is my opinion and I stick to it. --- John Razimus with Occult Unmasked.

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