Sunday, November 27, 2016

Chaos Magick Saddam Hussein Floor Donald Trump Urinal Cake Eric Andre Occult Unmasked with John Razimus

Chaos Magick or Chaos Magic is the purposeful extreme over the top disrespecting something or someone for a magical effect. In this episode I detail a few examples of this, from Saddam Hussein's commissioned portrait of George H. W. Bush on the tile floor entrance of the Al-Rasheed Baghdad Iraq Hotel, to the urinal filter urinal cakes with Donald Trump's photoshopped face on them, to a mural of Hillary, to the skull of Geronimo stolen by Prescott Bush for the purpose of being used as a permanent decoration by the Yale fraternity the Order of the Brotherhood of Death, commonly known as the Skull & Bones. Wikipedia seems to be clueless of actual chaos magick and it's actual origins, as it claims it's a modern type of magick invented relatively recently. I disagree, as the extreme disrespect of religion for example, by using sacred artifacts of one religion for the purposes of a Black Mass of an inverted religion or anti-religion goes back over 500 years, I believe the original Black Mass was focused on chaos magick. I could argue the use of Chaos Magic could go back thousands of years to the very first grave robbery or desecration.

--- John Razimus

I have breifly talked about Chaos Magick in previous episodes, such as this episode concerning Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, in which he was portraying the Chaos Magick used by the partifipants of the illuminati style party, here is that video;

"Eyes Wide Shut Chaos Magic Stanley Kubrick Bhagavad Gita Arjuna Occult Unmasked John Razimus";

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