Friday, March 11, 2016

If You Can See Me David Bowie Lyric Breakdown Demon Inspired Demonic Invisible Entities John Razimus Occult Unmasked

In this episode of Occult Unmasked John Razimus breaks down the lyrics of David Bowie's song "If You Can See Me" from his 2013 album The Next Day. The lyrics are very reminiscent of demonic language as seen in many occult books including Aleister Crowley's most famous book, The Book of the Law. A detailed analysis of the "If You Can See Me" lyrics was made by John Razimus on April 5th 2013 shortly after The Next Day was released, the interpretation was posted on songmeanings dot com, under the pseudonym "mortal" which John Razimus admits to being himself. Here is the original post made on April 5th 2013;

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