Thursday, January 26, 2017

Morey Haber's first reply is here 1 day after he lost a claim to take down 2 of my YouTube videos

Here's the official response from YouTube on the matter;

"The content does not violate our policies and will remain on the site. We thank you for using YouTube." 1/24/2017

To see Morey Haber's reply check out the comments on this video;

Hard to read right? Well click the video above and check it out, I pinned it to the top. In Morey's very first communication to me ever, he resorts to calling me an "ass" and claims I need a "reality check". He's annoyed that he lost the YouTube case where the videos weren't taken down, because I didn't violate any of YouTube's policies. You can see my response on the video but here's a summarized version of my response I tweeted to him. If he's not John Titor (And I am very sure he is John Titor based on the evidence) If he's not John Titor like he has claimed for the first time ever from my perspective, 1 day after he lost a claim to take down 2 of my YouTube videos, if he's not JT then why communicate only 1 day after he loses a case against me? Seems like he could have started with that, not ended with it. Anyway here's the summary of my answer.

Here's the typed out version;

Morey Haber,

On 4/24/13 Arthur Haber said, "Morey was told the identity yesterday..."

This was 3 days after I posted my extensive 71,000 word analysis between you and John Titor. Unless that information Arthur told me was "fake news", you know the identity of John Titor.

Why don't you release the identity of John Titor? The identity you learned about on 4/24/13.

1 day after I posted my text analysis results your brother Arthur emailed me this.

"Morey got a huge kick out of it....We/He never thought someone would consider him." 4/22/2013 - Arthur Haber

"Of course he could be BS me" 4/22/2013 - Arthur Haber

"perhaps some of Moreys writing style or verbal communication rubbed off on Brandon. I ant say that even Morey might have commented or helped?" 4/22/2013 - Arthur Haber

On 12/31/16 Arthur wrote the following in the comments of my video. "Now, Can I stand here and tell you that Morey DIDNT write anything? No" 12/31/2016 - Arthur Haber

Even when your brother is sticking up for you, he still has doubt not knowing for sure if you wrote the John Titor posts or not.

This is why I believe you are John Titor. I've privated my "Morey Haber AKA John Titor" original country western song video as an act of good faith.

Answering this simple question will greatly help all involved.

Who is John Titor?

--- John Razimus


I asked him who John Titor is, because answering that question, that simple little question will clear up everything! There's one catch though, if he has no desire to even attempt to answer that question, it'll be because he is either A. John Titor. or B. Is sworn to never tell. If it's B. Which I doubt, but if it's B. He is claiming he is having issues which all involve people thinking he's behind John Titor. All issues will be cleared up if he identifies the individual behind John Titor, problem solved! The problem is, my guess is it's A. My guess is A. Morey Haber is John Titor. This is just a guess based on 12 years of research, 71,000 word search showing the matching text, and numerous confessions from his brother that he could be behind John Titor, no big deal. Here's the summary of that match back in 2013, I re-watched it for the first time in years, it's spot on, over the top showing complex sentence structure usage, which is very unique, unique to both John Titor and Morey Haber.

No one I've ever met thinks of "computers" when they use the word "infrastructure", I think buildings, everyone I talk to thinks buildings. But both Morey and Titor think "computers", that's the tip of the iceberg on the matches, check it out for yourself.

Morey, who is John Titor? You know! Your brother told us you know and have known since 4/24/13, so please tell. It'll solve all issues on the matter. Thanks.

As a sign of good faith, I have privated my western video, entitled "Morey Haber AKA John Titor" This is one of the video's Morey wanted taken down. I'm happy to take it down, but I'm not happy to have someone stop my freedom of speech, if he kindly asked me to take it down I would have. As for my 12 year investigation and the conclusion to my 12 year investigation, it's impossible to take down, 12 years of research and 12 years of evidence can't disappear so easily, I bet in 100 years no one will care about it. An internet time travel hoax from the year 2000 shouldn't matter much given a few years, it never should have mattered to begin with. --- John Razimus

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