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The following are the 88 names that may or may not be fake. The authors behind John Titor likely used some of these names to reply to their own posts on the “I am from 2036” original thread on Art Bell’s Post to Post ( from January 27th 2001 to April 4th 2001. The authors behind John Titor likely registered other accounts making themselves appear more believable or more intelligent. When your choosing the questions to ask yourself it's a bit easier to answer them.


"Susann Bardos" (1)
"Robert Roberts" (3)
"Lynne Lynch" (3)
"D'Wayne Bolton" (4)
"Anthony D'Amato" (4)
"Louis D'Avenio" (3)
"James Dvorak" (6)
"Chad Dirks" (4)
"Jeffery Birks" (5)
"Brad Brown" (5)
"Simon Wiggins" (7)
"Dan Rouse" (5)
"Andrew Hubbard" (6)
"Heather Cattles" (5)
"Chris Greycheck" (8)
"Vanessa Bunn" (5)
"Benedict Gumby" (131)
"Doug Beauchamp" (7)
"Tim Utterback" (6)
"Matt Hagemeier" (107)
"Joe Norris" (5)
"Abe Figer" (4)
"Jeff Borgus" (5)
"James R.Quayle III" (7)
"Alexander A.Shpilman" (1)
"Michael E. Hendrickson" (4)
"E. Robert Gonzalez" (5)
"Chester Ward" (22)
"Joe Applebaum" (4)
"Theresa Wood" (6)

"Jeret Schisler" (7)
"Charlotte Boren" (9)
"John Lensk" (10)
"Jack Stansbury" (6)
"Thurstan Davies" (8)
"Jason Plett" (8)
"Brett Fredrico" (7)
"Walt Moss" (5)
"Angel Lynnn" (7)
"Kennith Viccars" (6)
"Blonnie Dowden" (7)
"Kane Greene" (6)
"Grant Nelson" (30)
"Kevin Spooner" (177)
"Brad Jensen" (6)
"Roy Meserve" (7)
"Ryan Murphy" (6)
"Roy Meserve" (7)
"Annia White" (1)
"Phillip Stout" (7)
"Chris Forrest" (3)
"Brad Persons" (2)
"Filip Sandor" (5)
"Stephen McKay" (7)
"David Hill" (86)
"Don Berg" (3)
"Joe Section" (5)
"Andy Gerberich" (1)

"Philip Mistlberger" (3)
"LaMar Prince" (4)
"James N. Dickey" (3)
"Robert A. Cook" (8)
"Melinda Floyd" (7)
"Nikki Colwill" (7)
"Sally Stanton" (5)
"Benjamin Fuhrer" (2)
"Don Hackman" (5)
"Bob Marz" (7)
"Charles Moltrup" (9)
"John Michael Davis" (5)
"Chris McWhirt" (7)
"Kathleen Sander" (10)
"Richard Lina" (6)
"Bridget Talarico" (5)
"David R Ferguson" (7)
"Daniel Kirkbride" (5)
"Dan Richardson" (4)
"Barbara Clements" (6)
"Jay Richards" (9)
"Michelle Esposito" (4)
"Raxamon Bathory" (5)
"Mike Haley" (1)
"rich staton" (1)
"John Wade" (162)
"Al Ryder" (4)
"Anthony Reed" (7)
"Mike Klinge" (55)

[“Their Name” John-Titor] (# of Google Matches)

The closer you look at these names, the more they look like they were quickly made up. If they were the names or pseudonyms of real people they would have likely talked about Titor somewhere else on the net using their posting name whether they believed in the hoax or not due to it’s widespread fame. According to google they all vanished when Titor vanished.

It's possible a few of these names could be real people, but that would only be possible if they never posted about Titor under that name ever again. NOTE: I have extensively searched every single page match with these names and all names on this report leading to this discovery. It was a tedious and time consuming process, if you wish to verify these finding for yourself feel free to. Remember, google search results are subject to change. With the higher suspect names I did more extensive google searches than simply “Their Name” and John-Titor, I searched Their-Name and Titor, and various other combinations.

DISCLAIMER: I realize some of my evidence is conjecture, but it is backed up by a great number of facts and evidence never before pieced together. If I am incorrect in any of my facts or logic, detailed evidence and facts will be needed before any retractions are made. If anything in this report is incorrect and it is proven I am fully willing to make the needed corrections. Such mistakes could be a few 'fake' names being real names.

I don’t doubt a handful of the names above could be real people that care so little about the John Titor story that they never bothered to post their opinions of it after the fact. Due to it’s fame it is unlikely this many names never discussed Titor a single time, not even on their personal network page. I still claim the majority as being false Titor plants, if anyone can prove otherwise I am welcome to this proof. I am willing to accept that the fake name list could be as little as 50 names, this is still major proof that the authors behind John Titor manipulated the conversation in their favor. It could have been more than 88 maybe it was less but if it was exactly 88 it probably represented the MPH needed for the DeLorean to time-travel in ‘Back to the Future’.

This is how the Titor hoaxer(s) gained so much attention in so little time. John Titor registered up to 70 fake identities on the Art Bell 'Post to Post' forum and asked himself question after question. Titor probably carried on more conversations with himself than anyone else in the thread. Thanks to this it is easy to eliminate the above 88 names from being of any importance, this allowed me to focus on the few names left.

The Titor character wrote in a certain style, but Titor's numerous false identities wrote in different styles. One of those writing styles may be the style of the true identity behind Titor. For those that say 'the writing styles are radically different, how could he have pulled that off?'. , it's called role-playing. With the vast amount of fake posts coming from one source it does tend to support there being more than 1 hoaxer involved, but it would not be impossible to accomplish alone.


[1] "Keith Rowland" (6) *** ARTBELL.COM WEBMASTER
[2] "Mary Rowland" (82) *** POST TO POST MODERATOR
[3] "Karen Day" (1) *** POST TO POST MODERATOR

They were the webmaster & admins of Art Bell’s old website & forums. They likely didn’t care about the hoax either way but Mary did edit some of the posts probably due to vulgarities, the posting of un-allowed links or personal info.

[4] "Lola Montez" (9) *** THREAD POSTER
[5] "Jim Houlahan" (9) *** THREAD POSTER
[6] "Tom Dehn" (1) *** THREAD POSTER
[7] "Lee Heggy" (9) *** THREAD POSTER

These names posted on the original “I am from 2036”, they are real people confirmed to not be John Titor, and are apparently not interested enough to post about him.

The higher the google matches the more likely they are real people independent from Team-Titor, but I examined every single google search and with some names it’s the opposite. The placement of these names is not in any particular numerical order. I will begin with number one.


[1] “Daniel Blatecky” (1) --- ANOMALIES & TTI MEMBER
[2] "James Boley" (10) --- THREAD POSTER
[3] "Randy Empey" (8) --- THREAD POSTER
[4] "Albert Cattoir" (7) --- THREAD POSTER
[5] "Craig Cuthbert" (137) --- THREAD POSTER
[6] "Kimberly Nease" (4) --- THREAD POSTER
[7] "Mike Kolesnik" (22) --- THREAD POSTER
[8] "Luis Gonzalez" (51) --- THREAD POSTER
[9] "Jeanette Foresta" (29) --- THREAD POSTER
[10] “Tom Young” (8) --- ANOMALIES MEMBER
[11] “Steven Gibbs” (247) --- HDR INVENTOR
[12] "John Tooker" (55) --- HDR CO-INVENTOR
[13] "Javier Cortez" (356) --- BANNED ANOMALIES/TTI MEMBER

[1] “Daniel Blatecky” (1) *** NON-SUSPECT
AKA Creedo299 from (TTI), Another name deleted, omitted, removed from the official “I am from 2036” copy on ANOMALIES.NET, if ANOMALIES.NET was interested in the truth, why would they delete Daniel from the archive? Probably because they have a personal vendetta against him, Daniel A.K.A. Creedo299 was a frequent poster at (TTI), he posted nonsensical threads and replies on a constant basis, perhaps he somehow irritated Team-Titor so much they wanted to eliminate his existence in the Titor saga, such was a mistake, it only points towards the foul-play of ANOMALIES.NET and gives more proof to it being the haven of Team-Titor. I was able to email Daniel and he seems to have forgotten ever posting on the original Titor thread, it was almost 8 years ago. Even though he claims to have forgotten I believe he is not a member of Team-Titor based on the evidence. As an outcast of ANOMALIES & TTI: If he were a former member of Team-Titor he would have had a desire to turn them in. He claims to not care that his name was removed from the official “I am from 2036” thread. Daniel Blatecky was quick to respond to an email I sent him, he was unable to provide any information but his willingness to email back is proof he is open and a very unlikely candidate for Team-Titor.

[2] "James Boley" (10) *** NON-SUSPECT
[3] "Randy Empey" (8) *** NON-SUSPECT
[4] "Albert Cattoir" (7) *** NON-SUSPECT
[5] "Craig Cuthbert" (137) *** NON-SUSPECT

These 4 are regular posters, I’m not convinced they even exist. They are just here out of the small chance that they do exist, they are least suspect.

[6] "Kimberly Nease" (4) *** NON-SUSPECT
[7] "Mike Kolesnik" (22) *** NON-SUSPECT

“Hey!! Mike, Kimberly, John already confessed!” --- Paul Collins
Not convinced these two exist but if they did they would be friends of Paul Collins.

[8] "Luis Gonzalez" (51) *** NON-SUSPECT
Email no longer works,, Likely a typical Art Bell listener.

[9] "Jeanette Foresta" (29) *** NON-SUSPECT
Likely a typical Art Bell listener just selling a used copy of Titor’s book on amazon.

[10] “Tom Young” (8) *** NON-SUSPECT
Tom Young has very few matches to Titor, but he does appear to be a real person because he has posted 352 times on the forum registered on Jan 14th 2004. He even has a photography website: Because he is willing to post his professional photos including some possibly personal I seriously doubt he has anything to hide this eliminates him from being a suspect of Team-Titor.

[11] “Steven Gibbs” (247) *** NON-SUSPECT
Most notably a guest on Coast to Coast AM.
Quite frankly after hearing Gibbs on “Coast to Coast AM” various times, if not every time, he does not sound smart enough to be behind the words of John Titor. He peddles electric boxes (HDR) ‘Hyper-dimensional Resonator’ units as time machines but isn’t well versed enough to be a convincing Titor, he may have played a part but I doubt it. After the Titor story was broadcast on “Coast to Coast AM” Gibbs claimed he met Titor but he claims a lot of things. The only connection I see Gibbs playing in the Titor saga is through ANOMALIES.NET, the #2 registered member at the forums there is Adam. He obtained an HDR, but this is not out of the ordinary since many time travel enthusiasts register there. If Adam somehow knew Gibbs personally that would make a big difference but Adam is hard to get a hold of and I doubt he knows Gibbs personally.

[12] "John Tooker" (55) *** NON-SUSPECT
John Tooker is a person connected with time travel outside of the John Titor story. He helped Steven Gibbs build HDR units in the 80’s. Could John Tooker be John Titor? The names are similar. This is the real connection that ties Gibbs’ HDR with ANOMALIES.NET. After researching John Tooker for a while it’s obvious that he is not John Titor. He does consider himself a time traveler, but in connection with The Montauk Project. His only reply to Titor starts with this, “You're a traveller too? Have you ever interacted with any of the pre 1983 staff, at Montauk? If so, you may have met me”. Tooker clearly is not sane, but few HDR users are. He posts his email address and personal home address in Canada constantly on his websites which are usually full of time travel website links and stories about him being a, “Montauk Boy”. His open-ness, is the exact opposite behavior a member of Team-Titor would display.

[13] "Javier Cortez" (356) *** NON-SUSPECT
A.K.A. TimeTravelActivist, Javier has been anti-Titor since his first reply to Titor. He has recently been accused of being John Titor by an anonymous coward claiming to be an expert in this or that. Javier has been banned from ANOMALIES.NET and other sites. He doesn’t seem to get along with the admins, a sure sign that he is not Titor. If Team-Titor are anything they are admins, they are the type to infiltrate forums not become outcasts. They are power hungry yet don’t try to draw attention to themselves. He re-signed up to various forums after he was accused of being Titor, this is something Team-Titor would not do, and if they would they would have done it anonymously. Since Javier is the exact opposite of these things I seriously doubt he is part of Team-Titor.


[1] "Rick Donaldson" (1,330) --- ANOMALIES ADMIN & TITOR EXPERT
[2] "Darby" (774) --- ANOMALIES ADMIN & TITOR EXPERT
[3] “Raul Burriel” (4) --- TTI OWNER
[4] "Phil Fiord" (10) --- ANOMALIES ADMIN
[5] “Olav Phillips” (348) --- ANOMALIES.NET OWNER
[6] "Ernie Vega" (84) --- FORMER ANOMALIES ADMIN
[7] "Paul Collins" (69) --- UNKNOWN
[8] "Pamela" (9,140) --- ANOMALIES MEMBER & TITOR CONTACT

[1] "Rick Donaldson" (1,330) *** NON-SUSPECT
ANOMALIES.NET mod, holds the most google matches to Titor second to Pamela. Is obviously interested in Titor and talks about him a lot, this by itself is not a reason to suspect him. Posts photos of himself, is very candid and open, these are reasons which make him very unlikely to be a member of Team-Titor unless he’s Titor’s P.R. man. He is more open than most and replied to my questions on this thread:

Rick said, "I've never met either Pam or Darby in person, nor Art Bell, Titor wouldn't LET me meet with him (I tried, and was even going to film the 'departure' at my expense and keep the location a secret... he wouldn't go for it... because it was a hoax!)"

[2] "Darby" (774) *** NON-SUSPECT
ANOMALIES.NET mod, TTI mod, chief John Titor expert. Darby is also very candid and open, I emailed him for this investigation and he quickly responded. I doubt anyone this open would be working for Team-Titor, but he does seem to know more than he admits. Perhaps he has been contacted by Team-Titor and has made an agreement with them after finding out who they are, it is unknown. Darby has been on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ as an expert on John Titor, he has yet to release any breaking information that we don’t already know on the subject. He was able to connect Larry Haber with Disney and Celebration Florida, and basically proved he is the official lawyer of Team-Titor, or The John Titor Foundation. I will have to ask him about his facts on the subject in greater detail.
[4] "Phil Fiord" (10) *** NON-SUSPECT Chief Administrator of ANOMALIES.NET. Phil being a vet of Titor lore has posted so few times about Titor, less than a couple times in 8 years. You seem to post random things while avoiding to post your opinion on the subject. The strangest connection to Phil and Titor is through Pamela. Phil Fiord met Pamela at the Ohio airport. Pamela showed Phil the letter with the IBM logo at the airport, Pamela briefly mentioned it once. Phil admitted this event did take place, he didn't say anything about the logo other than that he saw it.

[5] “Olav Phillips” (348) *** NON-SUSPECT
Olav is the founder and creator of ANOMALIES.NET, since all signs on my Titor investigation have led to ANOMALIES.NET I have to consider Olav a high ranking suspect if not the highest ranking suspect. He has been very open considering the fact that he has been on ‘Coast to Coast AM’. Olav is the only major suspect that did not originally post on the original “I am from 2036” thread.
[6] "Ernie Vega" (84) *** NON-SUSPECT
ANOMALIES.NET mod, Email no longer works,, New York. He has only posted 15 times since 2001. His most recent post was on December 19th 2004 and involved an HDR on ebay, Ernie said, “This device is actually quite dangerous. … I bought one a while back”. Ernie Vega has not posted directly about John Titor since the original 2001 thread, this alone is very suspect. He likely knows something about John Titor having replied directly with him. Ye has yet to even have a comment on the subject, his lack of willing to share and lack of posts on the subject makes him a big Team-Titor suspect. My nickname for Ernie is Out-Of-Body-Ernie because he claims he had an out of body experience with his Hyperdimensional Resonator unit.
[7] "Paul Collins" (7) (134) *** NON-SUSPECT
“Hey!! Mike, Kimberly, John already confessed!” --- Paul Collins
What did John confess? This post remains a mystery, it almost sounds like a friend of Paul Collins admitted to being John Titor. Too many matches to be a fake person, not sure but this Paul Collins might be "Paul David Collins" brother of "Phillip Darrell Collins" occult book authors. Interesting possibility, these two brothers would make good suspects of being "John Titor". But there is not enough proof to continue to believe this is the case. The name is too common and the trail is too cold for this character.
[8] "Pamela" (9,140) *** NON-SUSPECT
The most public character of the Titor saga yet the most private character at the same time. Claims to have obtained a physical letter from John Titor himself. This claim should be considered false until proven. The fact that Pamela shared with everyone that this letter had an IBM logo in it, and that it was supposed to prove to Pamela that John Titor was a time-traveler is a good indication that Pamela is likely an innocent pawn of Team-Titor. Pamela is probably not a member of Team-Titor. A few of the ANOMALIES admins have seen a photo of her and she admitted to having met Phil Fiord in person at the Ohio Airport. John Titor sent Pamela special privileged information via private emails, John Titor sent her a 'secret song' which the publisher's of the John Titor book "John Titor: A Time Traveler's Tale" (The John Titor Foundation LLC.) were not able to confirm to Pamela what the secret song was. In another email John Titor promised Pamela he would send her his farewell time-travel video. Because Pamela has so much information she is not willing to share, she would normally be a suspect but she is a private person and I will take it in faith that she just wants to be left alone. I attempted to contact Pamela various times during this investigation but she was unwilling or unable to reply to any forum posts or emails. My nickname for Pamela is, Pamela-The-Believer. Since she claimed to believe in JT even after a logo from an old computer was sent to her as 'proof'. The only way she could be guilty is if she was roleplaying the whole time. Until suspicious information on Pamela is uncovered I will keep her off the suspect list.

[4] "Mel Reckling" (106) --- THE-JOKER
[5] "Oliver Williams" (1,170) --- OWNER OF JOHNTITOR.COM
[6] "Larry Haber" (442) --- JT FOUNDATION LAWYER
[3] “Raul Burriel” (4) *** SUSPECT
Owner of (TTI), According to Darby he wants $25,000.00 for the site. Titor first posted at the TTI. Raul may or may not know the IP of Titor. Titor’s IP information is long worthless by now, if it ever was worth anything, this could not track Titor to any specific point other than his provider and general area at the time. The fact that he wants so much money for a site that I personally believe is worth 200 bucks, is very suspicious alone. Note: John Titor's IP was traced back to Celebration Florida. Raul also built at least one of the official Celebration Florida websites, I am not sure which one, maybe he built all of them. These are the official Celebration Florida websites:,, and,
[1] "Denny Unger" (4) *** SUSPECT
A guy going by the name of 'Steven' posted a time travel video on the same Art Bell and the same time John Titor posted his 'I am from 2036' thread. Unless I'm convinced by evidence I will continue to keep the opinion that this video was a rough draft or failed, rejected version of the John Titor video that Titor promised. According to Spiderj on ATS in this thread: Denny Unger is the Steven that created the video. Denny is a professional graphic artist. I emailed him, no response yet. Denny owns a 2d RPG graphic business and is a professional 2d artist, he could crank out all of the John Titor artwork easily based on his record. He is from Canada. His RPG business is here: Spiderj also noted out that he worked for Skybooksusa as seen here: Denny did the cover art for "Synchronicity & the Seventh Seal" and "Ong's Hat: The Beginning". To be an artist on those alone is not criminal, but the Ong's Hat story has commonly been called a hoax. Skybooksusa is owned by Peter Moon aka Vince Barbarick, of the famed The Montauk Project books, I have evidence to argue that these books are part of a hoax as well.
[3] "Karl Simanonok" (329) *** SUSPECT
Owner of John Titor supporter, he says on his site, "You will hear people who haven't researched Titor's story well claim it to be a hoax, but to this day it remains internally consistent and 'undebunked'." The John Titor hoax has long been debunked Mr. Simanonok. I always found it odd that he never posted his name on the site, and he has never been on C2CAM. According to Darby, "He received his BS at Florida State, MS at Florida State and PhD at UC Davis". - Darby. This alone tells me he could have been in Florida during 2001.

[2] "Mel Reckling" (106) *** SUSPECT
Mel Reckling has not posted about John Titor since 2001 except one other time. In 2008 he posted a John Titor joke on a porche forum. This was the joke, “My name is John Titor I am a time traveller from the year 2034 who comes back to get parts for my 914 since all parts are NLA in our time. Gas too since it is $4,000 a gallon now”. It’s more than strange that someone living near Pamela wouldn’t have even mentioned John Titor’s name on the net within a space of 7 years. Apparently Titor spent his dough on a porche? This suspect remains a possible member of Team-Titor. He either knows something, or he doesn’t care about discussing Titor in any way shape or form, yet he makes a joke about it on a non-related forum? Very suspicious.

Interesting that he claims to be from ‘North Royalton, Ohio’, Pamela is from Ohio.
This is likely the same Mel that is associated with the ‘Cleveland Ufology Project’. My nickname for Mel is Mel-The-Joker.
Note: John Titor's first communication in a fax sent to Art Bell on July 29th 1998, in the fax John Titor said, "Time travel was invented in 2034". I find it interesting that Mel Reckling used the rarely mentioned Titor date 2034 instead of the commonly known 2036. I also believe when the John Titor authors claimed John was "born in 1998", they were admitting the John Titor character was created in 1998, this was in fact the date of his first communication.

[4] "Oliver Williams" (1,170) *** SUSPECT
Owns the most popular John Titor website, this alone doesn't make him guilty. What makes him guilty is his advertizement for the official John Titor Foundation cafe-press site that sells official John Titor Foundation mugs, t-shirts and bumper stickers. Oliver makes no money from clicks to this store, he either made a deal with the John Titor foundation or is best friends with them, or he is the official John Titor Foundation webmaster. My nickname for Oliver is For-Sale-Oliver. Since he's the number one expert on JT merchandise.
[5] "Larry Haber" (442) *** SUSPECT
Admits to being the lawyer for John Titor's mother. He is the official lawyer for the John Titor Foundation LLC. No more needs to be said about this guy, no information is going to come out of him because it's his job to keep his client's identity a secret. I don't need a nickname for him even he will admit he's Larry-The-Lawyer of John Titor.


Based on the whole of this document, and the facts therein, this is a summary of my theory.

What about the book ‘John Titor A Time Traveler’s Tale’ released by the ‘John Titor Foundation LLC.’? The book is out of print and has been for a few years.

Team-Titor had a goal, their purpose was organized, the goal was to promote and virally advertise a book, a movie, a website or all of these.

These individuals have never been under the spotlight as major suspects of Team-Titor, until now no clear connections have ever been made between them and John Titor. Are these even their real names? I have not and probably will not release any detailed information, such as a home address or phone number. Releasing private information is not my goal and is not necessary in the process of debunking the John Titor story. I have linked the story with online individuals, it is up to you to do the rest.

It’s about time John Titor fans and skeptics alike start asking them questions. If I ask them questions over and over little will change. If many of you ask them questions, evidence is more likely to turn up. One of them is bound to squeal either on accident or on purpose, the money for this hoax probably stopped rolling in a good while ago. With every passing year another Titor prediction is easily debunked. The 2.5% difference between his and our timeline is not enough to save him. Perhaps Team-Titor wants their secret to be their legacy. I’m sure it would be fun knowing you were a part of a modern day urban legend. This is understandable, but it’s equally understandable for them to be myth-busted.

I will help anyone that wants to help me find more proof on the subject or any hoax for that matter. If you aren’t interested in helping me find more evidence, then you can’t be very interested in wanting to know. To those who prove the identity of Titor, in advance I say great job!

People have said the John Titor hoax is entertainment, some say it's harmless, some say, 'why would you even want to find the identity of the time traveler leave him alone'. To those people I say, first of all he was not a time traveler he was a nerdy internet hoaxer, second, when he perpetrated this hoax on the worldwide web, at that very second he welcomed anyone to come find his true identity. The guy is not nostradamus, he is not Jesus, he is a nerdy internet hoaxer that deserves to be found out, exposed so people can stop looking at him as if he knew anything about the future, he knew nothing a regular listener to Coast to Coas AM didn't already know, mad cow, and CERN had already been discussed on the show prior to 1999. Dr. Michio Kaku and I agree, he is fake.


FACT: Steven's 'Dimensional Traveler' video was released on the web on the same place John Titor posted and chronologically very close to the same time-frame.

FACT: Out of the 112 posters on the original ‘I am from 2036’ thread, 104 of them have never posted using their names ever since. These 104 stopped posting when John Titor stopped posting. (A number of these are suspected of having been created by the authors of John Titor for the purpose of manipulating and hyping the conversation).

FACT: The remaining 8 have posted since 2001: Ernie Vega, Phil Fiord, Rick Donaldson, Darby, Pamela, Tom Young, Javier Cortez, Daniel Blatecky.

FACT: As early as April 1st 2001 according to ANOMALIES.NET obtained 3 other photos from time traveler ‘Steven’. ANOMALIES.NET was the first website to host these images and video, but they are not the originators of it, a guy named Steven is. (I am not convinced Steven is not one of the JT hoaxers. Based on the date, the JT-like laser pointer and JT-like time machine box in the ‘Steven - A dimensional traveler?’. It is not a stretch to see this is the farewell video John Titor promised).
FACT: Larry Haber is the official lawyer for The John Titor Foundation. He also claims to be the lawyer for John Titor's mother.
FACT: Oliver Williams helps The John Titor Foundation sell official John Titor Foundation cafe-press merchandise on his website.

--- John 'Razimus' Hughston

The following was compiled by John "Razimus" Hughston, between January 20th and February 8th 2009. All original content 2009 © Razimus Productions.

(Permission to reproduce this article is granted under the condition that a reference to HOAXHUNTER of is made.)


  1. hi guys,

    I just had a quick comment about the John Titor hoax, since I am apparently a top suspect. I am a UFO/Conspiracy investigator and I do run a website called where much of the titor information is now stored. But I would like to invite John to contact me to ask me questions about the subject since he has not as of yet. Which I find rather interesting especially since he is looking to implicate me in a hoax and never asked me even the most basic questions, which I would invite him to do.

    I can be reached any time at olav @ and I would be happy to answer any questions, you just have to ask me some.

    BTW I would also suggest you watch the recent RAI Due Explorer documentary on John Titor. They had a PI track down the origin (which wasn't me I'm afraid). The RAI documentary was very well researched and well done.

    - olav

  2. hi guys,

    Here's is the RAI video - Its in italian but you will get the idea.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4 (if you watch nothing else watch this part)

  3. I understand some of my info has been debunked already but hopefully if anything, this leads to someone actually finding the true identity of Titor. I am fully willing to retract the mistakes made in this report, please give me a few days to do this.

  4. No mention of my submission of the chat transcript to Olav, surely that makes me a suspect!!

  5. i was in the future few times. many cases i closed but few strange are still open. in the past life i was the killer, they called me shadow and never knew who i was. give me a good reason and i will find the truth about john titor.

  6. I worked for IBM for 20+ years as a Customer Engineer and Systems Engineer. I was trained to fix, install and trained customers on the IBM5100. It was a unique system, in that it was one of the first what we called 'luggable' as opposed to 'portable', computers. The whole scenario that Titor gives around this system is laughable. There was nothing unique about this system's ability to run different generation operating systems. It is called emulation. The IBM 5100 could emulate a S/34, as well as a S/360. It booted up into Basic without diskettes and was seen as the forunner to the IBM PC. Needless to say, IBM did not sell that many.

    In Titor's 'story' it would make more sense to come back and get a PC than it would to come back and get this 'luggable'. The average PC is more powerful than the S/360 and S/34 entire product line. Also why would you need to decode S/360 systems in 2036. That code has been out of the mainstream now for decades.

    This makes a good story though.

  7. I am Angel Lynnn. I sent a few questions to John Titor throught Art Bell's website years ago. I also use the name: Angellynnn and Angelly3n! So it's silly to say the 88 fake names seemed to disappear w/ John Titor. I'm stil around and glad to have been one of the few that corresponded to John Titor!
    You can email me if you'd like: Thanks!
    ~Angellynnn (Angel Lynnn)

  8. I was curious - why not get the IP logs for all these individuals. If they all come from the same place, area, etc, then you have more evidence.

  9. I would like you to take my name off that list as I believe I am real and remember posting the comments I made. I am Jeffery Birks, and can easily be found via or searching the net (I used to run pioneer radio, a station that aired paranormal shows).

  10. I don't think the internet is a good place to have conjecture about anyone else...its based on speculation for one thing, and the other thing is that it is a character judgment without any real facts to back it up. It only creates controversy and separation, dissagreements and suspicion and maybe even lawsuits. Better to just present reliable facts with no bias or judgment. Be fair and play it safe.

  11. Hrmn...this whole JOHN TITOR thing reminds me of the really old radio show...where they aired an alien invasion. It was so NEW and SHOCKING that people instantly thought it was happening and panicked!

    Sounds awfully fimiliar...hey, I CRY WOLF...believe me...there is a wolf behind

  12. One of the things I can never understand is, what was the point of the whole deal in Titor's "Mission" ?? Titors himself leave very clear that he is not to get back to his own timeline, but to a new timeline he created with his actions in the past. So why a group of scientists smart enough to create a time machine, would send someone to the past, to alter a random timeline and not theirs? If we put it in a current times perspective, its like we sent someone to the past to stop 9-11 to happen, knowing that nothing is going to happen in our current timelime, but in a parallel one...

    1. This is what I have thought for so long....If he isn't going to be able to come back to the same place twice, how is it thathe visited in 1998 and 2001?
      Also what harm is it going to do if he is in an alternate universe...that stuff isn't happening here, its happening there...I came across video's about him while researching Bigfoot (yes I had an encounter) but evrything he said was so open ended...Why could he tell us about a civil war and where the capital would be located when clearly if anyone believed him they would move to safe ground in Nebraska...I could have told you back then that the Super Collder was going to produce black holes, its simple quantum physics...Anytime you smash 2 atoms, or sub particles together is will only for a split second cause a void in time/space...causing it to stop, to the atom it may have been 100 years to those watching it only a split second...He simply could not answer any questions because it was a fake...Why didn't he say who killed Kennedy, by 2036 the official report is to have been released...why if he isn't from here could he predict a huricane or any other global disaster...I have had premonitions prior to almost every global disater in the the last 20 years ..It usually happens a week prior, and this feeling started on April 23, 2012...I dreamed an EQ I think in the USA, but in my dreams I can never find a clock or calander...I know sounds weird...just keep an eye open...Titor could have told maybe something that was going to happen that was mild while he was here...Remember he said he wouldn't tell people if they was going to be killed by a natural episode...9-11 was planned out he could have warned some on even if it was just an email he sent from then...AOL allows you to write an email and pick a date and time when to send it...The civil war never happened, so if he was 13 and a soldier why would but yet says that things are not the same in this universe, why would he move his parents and himself as a child to Nebraska, why wouldn't he have them invest in a bunker, stock up on something other than oranges that will be valuble in the future...Win some horse races so his parents, that he loves so much don't struggle....Its all BS....If the guy could have told me something that was going to happen within 24 hours of his post and it happened, I would have believe...but he tip-toed...and diverted attention in other directions when cornerd

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Does anyone have any insight at all to this? I am a writer from Vancouver and I have started a John Titor script. I love the story fake or not. To me as a filmmaker I don't want to step on any toes let a lone get sued for "stealing" and idea. My problem is if i write / sel / direct this film; who is going to sue me? John Titor was from another time so who can own his rights? I did some research and found a lawyer that represents the family. I talked to him and he mentioned all he does is negotiate with the family. How can this be? John Titor may not be his real name. Any insight? Please get back to me

  15. If in fact J.T. was a future Traveler from an alternative timeline then it may mean his reality would not be our reality but in a way timelines would be connected in some way meaning that a war like that war he did talk about would be real but not the same as we would be another alternate timeline and to conclude a kind of truth to alternate timelines is to where you suddenly feel that you have been or seen a place or an event before it actually have happened and maybe that is your mind from an alternate timeline...anyhow I have a theory about possibility of timetravel and that would be to place dark matter close to light matter....separated to a corre and in m otion controlled by some on off outlet...smiles but that is just in my head :) and sorry for wrong selling or gramar faults......Have a nice day.

    The Poet Stefan*

  16. Titors mission to get the old computer in the 70's doesnt make sense unless you think about all the nuclear bombs that went off(causes EMP pulses) that would fry all circuitry chips and other sensitive electronic pieces. Then you think ok we can just build more, but you forget that radiation causes electrical decay on electronics . Takin from wikipedia on radiation hardening of electronic chips------>(Due to the extensive development and testing required to produce a radiation-tolerant design of a microelectronic chip, radiation-hardened chips tend to lag behind the cutting-edge of developments.)So it makes perfect since he would use an old type computer.

  17. Also, 2% divergence from our time line is quite a lot. If you think about the percentage of "divergence" of DNA between a human and an ape is 2-5% then you can see how different only 2% is. Even though 2% is a lot, there are still major similarities. Its kind of difficult to fathom mirror temporal realities and causalities unless you have a mathematical formula or algorithm to calculate the odds. On the website it has those numbers of divergence needed to calculate a more accurate return. The divergence is less the farther in the future that he traveled and greater the farther in the past from his point of origin. Fascinating story, thats for sure.

  18. To comment or not to comment that is the question, and old saying i heard as a child went something like this, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then open your mouth and remove all doubt" Now with that said I have to say i just finished again reading the 2001 BBS post, great story, awesome conversations, and sparked my imagination at least ;-) and I hope it did your's as well. Here it is 10 years later and we are still talking about this idea, and over 2000 years later we are still talking about Jesus Christ, and with all the detective skills a Country/Government/People can posses are they or you able to give a YES or NO answer to the question of weather John Titlor or even Jesus Christ Existed , Maybe that is not the point, the point is the message and the belief , I will pause here and wait to see if anyone comments/responds before i go into a long and exhausted details of my ideas on this subject that may only have readers of the original post from 2001 and my comment post here , asking only more questions that may or may not be answered in this life time even with some of the best minds debating them. BW

  19. Damn does that mean I don't exist then - I did pose those questions on the board but didn't get a response - my website is and I ran pioneer radio on the net at the time.

  20. Shame the 2012 Olympics were cancelled as per Titor's prediction... oh wait.

  21. Fascinating story. Excited to see who the real John Titor turns out to be. It all begins this year right? 2015? What month? Did he ever mention?

  22. (Note: John Titor's first communication in a fax sent to Art Bell on July 29th 1998, in the fax John Titor said, "Time travel was invented in 2034". I find it interesting that Mel Reckling used the rarely mentioned Titor date 2034 instead of the commonly known 2036.)

    Anyone who has done research is aware that "John" mentioned time travel being invented in the year of 2034. As he mentioned He didn't "Time travel" until 2036. Mel is accurate with her statment. Anyone who spent time in the forum also spent time evaluating all of "Johns" comments. Mel being a suspect? Highly unlikely. If all these people are suspects to a hoax, what was their motive or goal? The only amount of money I see as being made off of "John Titor" is minuscule to say the least. If anyone would like to know more about the story, the only obvious person to ask would be Pamala!


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